Mack Jones is called the dirty player for this performance against the Bengals | Jobs Vox

New England Patriots quarterback Mack Jones’ passing game seems to be rubbing some NFL fans the wrong way.

The play came on a legal go-ahead pass that ended up being an incomplete pass by Jones. However, Bengals linebacker Jermaine Pratt took a punt and ran the ball the other way to put six points on the board for Cincinnati.

Jones could be seen running behind the play and clearing the legs of cornerback Eli Effley. The Bengals defensive back was furious after the play, going so far as to call Jones’ hit a “dirty play.”

“Of course I did [notice it]. He beat me,” Apple said, via “I thought it was a dirty game. He’s done it before, I’ve seen it. “

The play on the field is, of course, up to interpretation, and it will be interesting to see if the NFL is fined.

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