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Mack Jones looked different at the start of the 2022 NFL season.

The quarterback was avoiding the gate. Jones threw for 784 yards with two touchdowns and five interceptions in the first three games. Jones averaged 261.3 passing yards per game. He was 11th in the NFL in passing yards, but 27th in touchdowns and tied for first in interceptions.

After missing the next three with a high ankle sprain, Jones took some time to get back into rhythm. After appearing briefly in the Patriots’ loss to Chicago and then struggling some in New York, Jones improved. He snapped an NFL-leading six-game interception streak and went on a turnover-free streak.

After Monday’s interception, Jones had thrown 161 passes without an interception. It was the longest active streak in the NFL. Patriots quarterbacks coach Joe Judge said he’s noticed a difference in Jones, but it’s not what you think, and it’s not something you see in the box.

“Mac handled the situations really well, made good decisions. He really has,” said the judge. “Sometimes the best play a quarterback can make is to walk away from a bad play. There are a lot of things that I see all the time that don’t show up on the stat sheets that Mac does in the game, whether it’s checking on a run, making a proper play, or throwing the ball. Keep field position if you’re down in the red zone, or get into field position on third and long and say, we’re not going for a first down, we’re going to field wherever it is. It is about understanding these situations. Mac has done a very good job of this.

“When you combine that with his experience with all the offensive changes we’ve made, his comfort level and familiarity with our veteran players and offensive line, it all helps as well.”

Despite his notable disappointment, Jones’ performance marked a marked change from Patriots Week. Through Week 11, Jones is fifth in the NFL in passing yards. He averages 264.5 yards per game. Over the past four games, Jones has completed 70.8% of his passes. This number is surpassed only by Justin Herbert and Andy Dalton. His three tackles ranked him just 23rd, but the lone interception is a big step in the right direction.

Since the bye week, Jones has a 0.7% interception rate. This is significantly lower than his first three games (5.2%).

What makes it even more impressive is that the Patriots’ pass defense has not been good. Jones has been sacked 7.43% of his drops over the past four games. This is the 12th worst mark in the period.


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