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As for the Patriots quarterback, Jones seemed excited about rookie playmaker Marcus Jones’ increased role in the offense. The first-year Jones, officially listed as a cornerback, has played 11 offensive snaps in the last two games and had New England’s longest offensive snap of the season with a 48-yard score on a screen pass against the Bills.

“He’s a smart player. He does a great job on defense. We see that obviously and obviously on special teams. He’s a Swiss Army Knife type of player. He’s done a good job working with him and he’s lined up. In the right spot. He knows what to do and he cares and that’s the biggest thing. thing is.”

“I think he’s super dynamic. We’ve got a lot of guys like that — fast, quick. We’ve got guys like that at our skill positions, and it’s all about making sure we finish those plays and get those explosives,” quarterback Mack. Jones told Thursday at the University of Arizona.

Along with Patricia’s explanation and the emergence of Marcus Jones on offense, we also point out New England’s inconsistent offensive line and numerous injuries on the line that have made it difficult to run more downfield passing concepts.

“I think it’s important, but playing really well is the most important thing,” Patriots captain David Andrews said of the continuity of the offensive line. “It’s good to know who’s around you, how they play, how they react to things and the communication part. That’s something I believe in as an offensive player and something Scar has always taught me.”

The health of the Patriots on the offensive line is improving. Starting left tackle Trent Brown has been ruled out with an injury after dealing with a weeks-long illness that caused him to lose more than ten pounds. Andrews, who missed games with a concussion and hamstring, is also healthy.

In addition, Mac has always found success in the structure of the offense, not the style of the play. The Pats don’t want their quarterback to run as the pocket collapses trying to run the ball downfield.

From a game plan perspective, this week the Patriots will play another dangerous pass defense with Pro Bowler Max Crosby and old friend Chandler Jones on both ends of the Raiders defense. Las Vegas defensive coordinator Patrick Graham, who started his coaching career in New England, is also 12th in blitz rating at a 27.7% clip.

New England’s offense will likely continue to rely on quick play concepts, RPOs and screens when picking its spots to open up the passing game downfield in favorable situations.

While outside noise about the Patriots’ conservative approach is getting louder, trends and flashes of success suggest it’s not going anywhere.


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