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Mack Jones and Matt Patricia don’t have the best of relationships. Their beef came out into the open when the New England Patriots faced the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday, December 18th.

When Josh McDaniels, the former Patriots offensive and quarterbacks coordinator, returned with the Las Vegas Raiders, Mack Jones couldn’t help but feel a hint of envy.

Nowhere was their strained relationship more on display than when they visited the red zone in the first half. On first-and-goal, Mack Jones missed an open punt, but on second-and-goal, he hit Jacoby Myers for a touchdown. The only problem was that the Patriots had already called a timeout.

They again failed on third-and-goal and lost another timeout as Jones sent a field goal back to attempt a fourth-and-goal. Luckily, they pulled the trigger to get into the foul zone.

Unfortunately, the play was dead on a false start. Despite entering the end zone twice in four games, they didn’t score a touchdown and instead had to settle for a field goal. It was the only score they could muster in the first half against the Raiders.

One trip to the red zone. Two touchdowns were wiped off the board. Both are Patriots own doing…Patriots call timeout to wipe out Jacoby Meyers’ score. A false start on Jonu Smith — after the second timeout — takes away from Mack Jones’ QB-stealing touchdown. ugly.

The ineptitude of the entire play was enough to drive anyone crazy, especially those associated with the Patriots. This isn’t the first time in recent weeks that we’ve witnessed their apparently dysfunctional relationship.

Mack Jones and Matt Patricia problems in full view

Mack Jones had a run-in with Matt Patricia last week, as he apparently pushed the offensive play-caller away. It was clear at the time that the quarterback and coach were out of sync.

Matt Patricia tried to squash any talk of a clash between them after the game. According to him, since both of them wanted to win, it was just a natural outpouring of emotions.


However, based on current evidence, it is not that simple. After back-to-back plays that decimated their two offensive attacks, the coach and quarterback could be seen sitting on the sidelines as Matt Patricia tried to calm the young player down.

The relationship between Mack Jones and Matt Patricia is interesting.

Later in the game against the Raiders, there was another play-calling confusion on a punt that showed the Patriots had an out-of-sync play-calling system. Overall, it showed that coaches and players are not on the same page, literally.

If the Patriots want to make the playoffs, this is something they need to fix ASAP.

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