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Machinery dealers’ yards are always full of interest and the quay machinery of Skerries, a Dublin company, is no exception.

In 2022 the company celebrates its tenth year in business and during that time it has experienced all the ups and downs of any new business, although it now employs nine staff and is well organized with its flagship brands.

tractor for europe

Dealerships are usually defined by the tractor manufacturer they represent, and their color is the first thing noticed.

In the case of Quaile Machinery it is Deutz-Fahr’s bright green color that is immediately apparent and 2023 will be its fourth year with the company.

Deutz quail machinery potatoes
German engineering adapted to the conditions of Europe

In Ireland we have a situation where the top-three marques dominate the market and find it difficult for others to break through, regardless of the quality of their machinery.

Company founder Kenny Quail is acutely aware of this predicament, yet he points out that Deutz-Fahr often ranks in the top three in his home country, a country respected for its thorough approach to engineering.

He believes that the tractors embody the spirit of German engineering and are just as admirable as any other tractor that comes from there. They are also regarded as tractors best suited for European conditions rather than adapted for them.

continuous investment

Deutz-Fahr is also focusing heavily on the production of the machines in 2017 with its new factory which, five years later, is still claimed to be the most modern in Europe.

Quaile Machinery Ian Rooney Kenny Quaile
Ian Rooney and Kenny Quail of Quail Machinery

State-of-the-art manufacturing is a big part of making reliable tractors, and after making this investment the company has put all its resources behind tractor design, with major upgrades to the engine and drive train introduced over the years. couple of years.

Still the cab remains, but according to Kenny the current offering can’t be beaten for comfort, especially when fitted with full cab and front axle suspension.

hybrid transmission

With 60km/h quite possible on the larger models, suspension is a must, along with efficient braking. To be sure, there’s a massive set of disc brakes on the front axle to complement the rear inboard units.

deutz tractor
While onboard digital technology is appreciated by many customers, not so much data management and transfer, but it could be coming, according to Ian Rooney Management

Another development to be introduced is a CVT transmission that mimics the action of a 20-speed PowerShift gear box. The operator simply selects the ‘gear’ he is most comfortable with and the transmission keeps it there.

The reason for this is to simplify driving, something that other manufacturers are looking for rather than simply loading up a tractor with electronic goods and expecting the poor operator to pick his way through a maze of options.


Tractor sales are just one string to the bow, another very important one is potato planting and harvesting equipment, in the form of DeWulf, which makes harvesters, and its subsidiary, Miedema, which specializes in tuber planting and handling equipment.

It was at this year’s Summer Farm Tractor and Machinery Trade Association (FTMTA) show, held in July, that Duulf made its strongest impression on Irish farming, with the largest machine on display being its latest potato harvester.

DeWulf Potato Harvester FTMTA
The 32nd DeWulf four-row potato harvester turned heads at last summer’s FTMTA event

Ian Rooney is the company’s specialist product manager for potatoes and field-scale vegetables and has a sound knowledge of not only the machines involved, but also how they fit into a growing system.

They had arranged for a demonstration of the harvester in Ireland after the show, and it was, but this year the Irish summer was very un-Irish and instead of the expected wet conditions for which the machine is designed, the fields were dusty and its No challenge to abilities.

four row harvester
The more conventional Quattro four row harvester was also displayed at the FTMTA show in Punchestown

The big problem with dry conditions is that the soil doesn’t go into the machine, which may appear to be an advantage at first, but the soil provides a cushion for the tubers and the ideal is to separate it at the last possible moment.

Despite this setback Ian was pleased with its performance and when he got back to Scotland in the autumn he reported that it was doing really well on the main crop in wet fields.

started harvesting potatoes

Harvesting machinery may grab the headlines but the crop needs to be sown in the spring and for this Quill Machinery sells the Meedema range of planters.

Meidema is a respected manufacturer in its own right and is now a full subsidiary of Dewulf.

Potato Belt Planter
The Miedema range of belt planters is proving popular with growers across Ireland

The big advantage Miedema brings to the table is that it has developed a belt planter that ensures even planting in a row without operators having to sit behind the machine.

potato planter meedema
The wheels on a standard planter are at a fixed width, but the mounting is adjustable to make it adjustable and Quail Machinery developed a system in conjunction with a customer

The idea has been adapted by others, but according to Ian the original is still the best, and they are selling well here in Ireland.

The secret is that the capacity to line up the tubers on the belt for distribution to the rear of the machine is a function of the belt design, while the spacing is controlled by a damper wheel set just before the drop point.

tillage implements

The Dublin area is well known for its field-scale vegetable growing and although Quail Machinery is reluctant to be explicitly labeled as catering to that market, the firm certainly fills a niche.

plow chopper
Struik haulam toppers from the Netherlands compliment the rest of the potato equipment range

Vegetable growing is a specialized business and farmers are starting to focus on a particular crop rather than a range of root crops. It is also heavily driven by the local market rather than global commodity prices, meaning quality is the foremost concern.

It is through understanding these issues that tillage machinery has risen, yet also appreciating that the root is part of the crop rotation and therefore requires other tillage machinery.

tillage by pottinger

It encountered Pottinger in the early days to service this part of the business, and the relationship grew stronger.

Kenny is full of praise for the service that the manufacturer provides and its environment is still a family firm that cares about the customer, and, importantly, supports the dealer.

pottinger drill quail machinery
General tillage equipment is an important part of the business and Quail trusts Pottinger to service that area.

Quaile Machinery has completed its first ten years and can now focus on building a successful business instead of just trying to survive.

The three key categories the company has now settled on provide a good base to grow on, and each has plans to expand its sales in Ireland and take its dealers with it.


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