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I decided to upgrade my mac mini 2010 with a $34 500 GB HP SSD to play with the OCLP OS installation in High Sierra. The last reason was that the original HD crashed, despite trying to repair it, it remained bootable, but I was able to extract all the information from the HD.

Now the OWC and MaxFixIt videos really should have a warning about the IR sensor wire socket, which I, like many others, have removed from the motherboard. I just overclocked it, hoping that some continuity in the wire would turn me into a sleep light, but no, and I can live without it.

I had a hard time getting the black wrap around the HD, really attached but finally removed.
Then the video shows the guy just lifting the temperature sensor, but with one of the HD sensors doing it, it broke in 2 🙁
I left it attached to the SSD, along with the other one, but I have the fan at full speed now. I downloaded Macs Fan Control and was able to slow down the fan.

should i stop here New sensor with wire is $12 shipped.

Why does the HD have two sensors?
If one still works, why is there a fan problem?
Can I just short the 2 wires on the broken one and that will give the correct signal to the mac?
Finally, if I get a new one, do I need to upgrade to an SSD as seen in the videos? I’d rather just plug it into the socket and leave it lying around, maybe with tape, instead of taking the drive apart again.


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