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Louisiana Tech’s student-led Engineering and Science Association (ESA) hosted more than 600 high school students at the university’s College of Engineering and Science (COES) on December 9 for Engineering and Science Day.

A Louisiana Tech student shows high schoolers how lab equipment works.Through the event, ESA – along with other student organizations in COES – showcased engineering and science at Louisiana Tech to visitors from high schools in Louisiana and Arkansas.

Attendees learned about Louisiana Tech COES majors through hands-on activities designed and led by Louisiana Tech students with science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and extracurricular activities through presentations by student organizations options, and heard from Mechanical Engineering alumni and american ninja Finalist Nate Burkhalter.

Burkhalter began Engineering and Science Day by talking about the importance of problem-solving, asking the right questions, and viewing challenges as opportunities. During his address, he encouraged attendees to take advantage of opportunities to move forward, even when they may seem intimidating.

Afterwards, COES student leaders divided attendees into groups and directed rotations between activity stations. Incoming students and their teachers spent the rest of the day learning about Tech’s student organizations and gaining hands-on experience in experiments designed by student organization leaders. Through these student-led activities, visitors learned how Louisiana Tech and the COES culture enhance students’ STEM skills, confidence and leadership potential.

“I personally love these types of events because it gives my students a firsthand knowledge of what college life is like to experience,” said Dan Lindo, a St. Frederick High School physical science teacher. “The presenters gave good advice to the students, telling them to take as many dual enrollment classes and upper-level science and math classes as possible to help them prepare for college. I really appreciate that engineering students emphasized my philosophy of education through their actions, speech, and activities—that of seeing and doing a lot, enduring a lot, and studying a lot. My students commented on the variety of fun hands-on activities, including They attended and they enjoyed Nate Burkhalter’s wise advice. Many of my students are fans of ninja warrior TV show, had seen Nate on the show, and were eager to meet, talk, and have their picture taken with him. Overall, it was a good day and it was well appreciated by my students.”

ESA External Communications and Outreach Officer and Industrial Engineering junior Braden Roger said, “This event not only provided students with knowledge about our college and our university, but it also gave them the opportunity to meet some of our alumni, faculty and administration ” “The buildings and organizations displayed throughout the day are symbols of our home. The COES culture that we have created here is something special. Overall, I am very grateful for all of the students in attendance, and I am confident that the connections they made and the information they learned were well worth it! I am proud of the support that ESA received as we planned this event, from the general student body to the Office of Undergraduate Studies.

“Since 1938, our students have shown what high school students in the region can do with a STEM degree,” said Dr. Heath Timms, COES Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies. “Our current students, especially those at ESA, put a lot of effort into organizing and organizing this large event. Its annual success shows our college how our current students help recruit the next group of leaders in our programs. are doing.

ESA is comprised of all COES graduate students and promotes community service, STEM education outreach, and friendly competition among other COES organizations. In addition to Engineering and Science Days, ESA organizes the college’s annual Gumbo Fest and Spring Release Social.


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