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LG's new speaker technology and fabric.
LG screen

LG Display, LG Electronics’ innovation lab, has created things like stretchable screens and announced a new invisible speaker for cars. LG can integrate its brand new super-thin speaker technology into the headrest, dash or other car surfaces.

This unique new in-car speaker technology, which LG is developing in collaboration with the unmentioned “global audio company”, will be available for commercial vehicles starting next year. It’s basically a flat notebook-sized vibrating pad that produces sound. Although we’ve seen all sorts of weird materials being used as speakers, this one makes the most sense.

The idea here is that LG Display can use this speaker material to cover seats, headrests, and even the back of the vehicle without compromising sound quality. Imagine an entire rooftop covered in giant speakers. Isn’t that amazing? It can change the forward sound of the car.

This “Slim Actuator Sound Solution” is 70% lighter and so thin it can go almost anywhere in the vehicle. Compare this to the bulky magnets, cones and voice coils of traditional speakers and it’s easy to see why it sounds so promising.

Furthermore, shedding excess weight is something every automaker would appreciate. And for electric vehicles, manufacturers can soundproof door panels and then attach these speakers to the door trim to reduce road noise. In addition, there is no need to grill the speakers, which allows for more creative interior design.

LG Display believes this new technology will allow vehicles to experience richer, louder, clearer and 3D sound like never before. Every surface is fair game, as sound vibrates off different tiles and materials.

We’ll get to see and hear the speakers for ourselves at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, and then expect LG to put the technology into vehicles by the middle of next year.

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