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Smart refrigerators are nothing new. For some time now, appliance manufacturers have been ditching glass panels and using metal doors to see what’s inside. LG’s latest InstaView refrigerator is no exception, focusing more on design and space. A space of cold stuff, that is, not the type of star above.

It’s a sleek, stainless steel, flat-door unit. The only exception to this is the mirror-coated glass InstaView panel (more on that later). Unlike similar smart refrigerators on the market, LG’s latest offering is the opposite. This means the cold box sits flush with your kitchen counters and cabinets instead of sticking out like a sore thumb. In addition, LG is launching the InstaView refrigerator with French doors for the first time. How do these two go hand in hand?

LG’s latest model may be smaller than a typical French door refrigerator, but the brand has pared back some of the tech components, such as air ducts. The result? With a 25.5 cubic foot capacity, the fridge will hold all the groceries you can throw at it. In fact, it’s 25% larger than LG’s French-door refrigerators. Very clever, isn’t it?

Speaking of smarts, the standout feature of this fridge is the InstaView panel. Double tap the glass to illuminate the inside of the fridge so you can see what’s inside. This helps stop any unwanted cold air from escaping so your refrigerator uses less energy. It also has an ice dispenser with four different modes, LinearCooling for a more stable temperature, DoorCooling+ to reach all levels of the refrigerator, and UVnano technology to reduce bacteria. What else can a refrigerator do?

There is currently no release date or price information. We do not know in which country the refrigerator is manufactured. As you can see, a lot of things are saved. But don’t worry! LG will provide more details after unveiling the refrigerator at the CES 2023 tech show in January.


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