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A screenshot of LG Group Chairman Ku Kwangmo's virtual New Year 2023 speech on Tuesday.  (LG Corp.)

A screenshot of LG Group Chairman Ku Kwangmo’s virtual New Year 2023 speech on Tuesday. (LG Corp.)

During the 2023 New Year’s greeting, LG Group Chairman and CEO Ku Kwang-mo urged the company’s employees and managers to take the lead in creating customer-friendly values, calling them “Customer Value Creators.”

In a video presentation via email to employees around the world, Koo said employees should foster a “virtuous cycle” of growth — personal growth for employees that creates exciting experiences for customers, which then accumulates to support the company’s longevity.

“All members should think of themselves as the main characters of LG. “LG can become a long-lasting company by how each member finds their own way to enhance the customer experience,” Koo said in the video, which was subtitled in English and Chinese for foreign workers, LG said.

“To do that, you have to think about who your customer is and what value you want to deliver to that customer.”

Koo says his customers are LG employees, and his goal is to help all employees explore ways to create “touch” experiences for customers.

“I will acknowledge your actions and lead to greater opportunities and personal growth.”

Koo has been at the helm of the nation’s fourth-largest family-owned conglomerate since June 2018. Koo introduced the concept of “Customer-Centric Values” in his first 2019 New Year speech.

LG said the video also included New Year’s messages from other LG employees, so the company intended to share the voices of its employees.

Like last year, Koo held a New Year’s Eve celebration at the end of the year so that employees “can relax and spend time preparing for the new year as the year begins,” the company said.

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