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With a unique design, LG’s color changer offers the best technology A new level of customization to enhance the kitchen experience

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NJ, September 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LG Electronics (LG) is introducing a new refrigerator with MoodUP software. Technology including color LED door panels at IFA 2022 Berlin, Germany (September 2-6). Designed to meet the evolving needs of young consumers, the new refrigerator is able to bridge the gap between design and technology. LG’s MoodUP technology allows users to create refrigerator lighting schemes with a variety of vivid colors to match their mood and environment. Users can play music through the built-in Bluetooth speakers to set the tone for the kitchen while entertaining a crowd or having a weekday meal.

With LG’s innovative LED door panels, the refrigerator with MoodUP technology offers unparalleled interior design flexibility and a new way to create a stylish and integrated kitchen. Through LG ThinQ This app allows users to choose 22 colors for the upper (refrigerator) door panel and 19 colors for the lower (freezer) panel, allowing them to change the atmosphere of their kitchen into a creative environment. Users can also customize the look of the board to match their mood with a variety of unique color schemes Season, Land, Healing and Pop. SeasonFor example, natural colors and tones are used to represent different times of the year Healing Using soft, calming colors creates a sense of well-being and creates a relaxing space.

In addition to the stunning, changing colors, LG’s new 21 cu. ft. the refrigerator brings music into the kitchen via a Bluetooth speaker that can be easily connected to a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. Users can match their mood or the current model of their fridge with songs from their favorite music streaming apps or playlists from the ThinQ app’s Music Collection. The playlist, specially created to accompany LG’s MoodUp technology, offers 69 songs in seven different themes. Plus, the refrigerator’s LED panels change color in sync with the music, adding vibrancy and fun to consumers’ daily kitchen routines.

LG’s new smart refrigerator includes several user-friendly features such as convenient and colorful notifications to make life easier. When the refrigerator door sensors detect that the refrigerator or freezer compartment has been left open, the panel on the left-open door will flash repeatedly to notify the user that the door needs to be closed, preventing cold air loss and unnecessary energy consumption. The refrigerator also includes a motion sensor that detects when someone is approaching. Once detected, the LED panel will welcome guests to the kitchen. MoodUp technology makes nighttime snacking easier as the freezer door lights up brighter at night.

The fridge offers a more traditional look in the kitchen with the combination of Lux Gray and Lux ​​White (top/bottom panels) with the LED door panel off. The lustrous, timeless finish complements any decor and creates a natural, subtle contrast between the different colored stones.

The new game-changing model is the first LG refrigerator to use the company’s own On-Device AI chip in a smart home appliance. An advanced artificial intelligence integration module enables MoodUP technology to enhance and extend the user experience with features such as voice and vision recognition, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

“Incorporating LG’s innovative design and advanced technology, the new refrigerator with MoodUP technology adds a level of sophistication to the home kitchen, providing functionality and convenience by keeping food fresher for longer.” Brandt Warner, vice president of home appliance product marketing at LG Electronics. “From customizable colors and moods to personalized playlists, this unique fridge showcases LG’s commitment to enhancing the consumer experience for a better life at home.”

Visitors to IFA 2022 can see all of LG’s latest innovations, including the all-new refrigerator with MoodUp technology, at the company’s stand in Hall 18, Messe Berlin.

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