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LG has shut down its mobile business in 2021, but has not promised ongoing support for its existing devices. We’ll see the results of this effort in early 2023, as the LG Velvet is slated to receive Android 13, and some other devices will also receive additional updates.

The LG Velvet, which debuted in mid-2020, is one of the company’s latest attempts to stay relevant in the Android market. The device introduced a new design and updated software, which was well received by the public. We said it’s LG’s best smartphone in years, mainly because of its high price tag.

LG Velvet is LG’s best phone in years. And it’s not just because it’s a beautiful design. It’s not because it does something particularly well. Because LG once set the price. The Velvet costs just $599.

Unfortunately, this was not enough to keep the ship afloat.

But for those who bought the LG Velvet, the Android 13 update is coming soon! A recent roadmap posted on LG’s website confirms what Android updates to expect in Q1 2023. This includes Android 13 for the Velvet, as well as security patches for the LG Wing, LG Q61, LG Q92 5G, and LG Q52 5G. .

But in reality, this is one of the last major updates LG will make. The LG Velvet was the company’s last release before shutting down its mobile division. The only device to receive the Android 13 update is the LG Wing, which was released a few months later. But if this update comes, it won’t be in season 1.

Either way, Android 13 could be the latest version of LG’s launch platform.

It’s currently unclear how long LG will continue with security patches, but the company has made a “three-year commitment” to 2021, with three major OS updates for major companies later in 2019. If all goes according to plan, that means the LG V60 ThinQ will also get an update. There was no mention of security patches in that promise.

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