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LG Electronics will launch The Better Life for All zone at CES 2023 to showcase its latest innovations.

LG Electronics (LGE) will focus on its commitment to sustainability at CES 2023, showcasing its ESG vision and its latest and most impactful innovations in a special exhibit called “A Better Life for All.”

The “Good Life for All” zone consists of three parts: “For the Planet”, “For the People” and “Our Commitment”. The exhibition will also feature four finalists for LGE’s first LIFE’S GOOD AWARD, an innovation challenge designed to spread the company’s good life message and empower innovators seeking to make a positive difference to people and the world.

The key areas of LGE’s ESG program are reflected in all aspects of the “Good Life for All” area. Informational materials provided in the area are offered in braille for the visually impaired and placed at a height that is easily readable by wheelchair users. In addition to sign language-savvy guides on site, there will be an LG CLOi GuideBot programmed to provide digital human sign language services. The zone itself will be built with environmentally friendly materials.

The region’s For the Planets section showcases LGE’s multi-faceted environmental initiatives, including e-waste collection, disposal and recycling to create a sustainable cycle that prioritizes “green” at every stage of a product’s life cycle. post-consumer phase. Visitors to For the Planet can see how materials from discarded e-waste at the company’s Chilseo Recycling Center (CRC) are being used to make components for LGE’s new products. Also featured in For the Planets is the company’s energy-efficient plant, LGE Smart Park (Changwon, South Korea), which uses LGE’s new expanded polystyrene (EPS) recycling technology to make packaging more environmentally friendly.

The second part of the exhibition, “For the People”, showcases LGE’s efforts and achievements in the area of ​​product and service accessibility. This includes developing product manuals that include voice and sign language guides, and implementing accessibility features such as voice recognition, voice guidance and motion sensors across a wide range of LGE products. For People will also allow visitors to explore the accessibility options available on LG TVs; from audio-text descriptions to sign language displays that can be easily moved and resized.

Our commitment to the third and final part of the Better Lives for All zone demonstrates our commitment to a sustainable future, the ultimate goal of LGE’s 2030 Better Lives Plan. LGE aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from product manufacturing. 50 percent (compared to 2017 levels) and a 20 percent increase in greenhouse gas emissions from the consumption of the seven main products sold from the base year of 2020 to 2030. Furthermore, the company plans to offer accessibility features on all of its products by 2025, and by 2030, every LGE product will have voice instructions and sign language video guides.

“At LGE, we constantly challenge ourselves to go the extra mile to make our vision for a better life for all a reality,” said Lee Jong-seok, head of LG Electronics’ Global Marketing Center. “Our ESG-focused exhibition will give CES visitors an insight into the values, determination and dedication that drive our sustainability journey, as well as the innovative technologies and practices we are developing to ensure a brighter tomorrow.”


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