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How big should your monitor be? If you work from home, the answer depends on your desk space. But if you’re an office organization, you may be free to choose something larger that suits your workload.

It could be LG’s large 39.7-inch UltraWide curved display; It has plenty of screen space, and the curved display gives you an optimal viewing angle, no matter where your eyes wander. It’ll set you (or your generous boss) back £1,250 (excluding VAT) so you’ll have to find some good reasons to buy it. Hope this review gives you everything you need…

LG UltraWide Monitor Curved Review: Design

The first thing to say about this curved LG monitor is that it’s beautiful. It has a mostly plastic chassis, so the build quality might not appeal to some, but the back is an exercise in minimalism with an almost sleek white finish and a simple LG logo. The stand is made of chrome, but even this retains the overall sense of understated style.

From the front, it’s not much different from the Samsung Odyssey Neo G8, which has a screen of this size, with narrow bezels and the LG logo at the bottom of the screen. Also underneath is a rubber control knob with a five-way click action.

The stand is also a simple design, with a slim, curved base that can fade into the background when the monitor is on. However, it’s not the sturdiest stand – it might wobble a bit if you knock it – and it would be safer to mount it to a wall. It’s a shame it’s a reason not to buy it for office use. If you stick with the stand, it will be very adjustable; There is a tilt of 15 degrees, which also rises quite high at 110 mm. Taller people may want more, but that might make the swing worse.

It is very easy to adjust the vise mounting bracket with one click and one screw on the base. The screen is heavy at 12.3kg in total, but the process of putting it together takes less than 2 minutes, so it probably won’t strain your muscles too much.

LG UltraWide Monitor Curved review: Picture quality

The LG UltraWide features a stunning 39.7-inch IPS display with a traditional 21:9 aspect ratio, but with a resolution of 5120 x 2160. It’s an impressive 4K display, albeit with only a 72Hz refresh rate, which is fine for work, but maybe not for gaming. Here we are concerned only with the latter.

In the settings, users will find a wide range of display modes at different levels, with different levels of quality or even availability. With our calibrator, the display scored best under “DCP” mode, showing 98.4% sRGB coverage and 85.3% Adobe. ‘Cinema’ mode was 97.4% good for color and 83.3% for Adobe. In comparison, only 96% for sRGB and less than 70% for Adobe, settings like “HDR effect” should be avoided.

Regardless of which mode, Adobe’s score is not high enough for elite color work – we recommend you look for 90% – the average sRGB score is very good. It matches LG’s Ergo monitor (the Dual model scored 98.4%) or is just below it, but it doesn’t quite replicate the Samsung Odyssey Neo G8’s color accuracy.

It also undercuts bright brightness, clocking in at a very low 229cd/m2. It is suitable for indoor use, it is not portable so you don’t have to worry about sunny conditions. But it is better not to keep it near the window.

LG UltraWide Monitor Curved Review: Ports and Features

Big screens should have a wide variety of input and output ports, and the LG UltraWide doesn’t disappoint here. It has two Thunderbolt 4 USB-C, one 1.4 DisplayPort, a 35mm audio jack, two HDMI 2.0 and two USB-A 3.2 Gen 1 ports. Most of these sit neatly on the right side of the mounting bracket, making it easy to install, but the two USB-A ports provide easier access. Another bonus is the power cable; The power supply is built into the monitor, so the cable is not pressed by electric bricks.

The two USB-C ports are the star of the show, with 96Wh of power delivery; This is a great feature that allows you to maximize screen space on power-hungry laptops while also charging them. With this Thunderbolt 4 capability, the monitor acts as a sort of docking station; You can connect additional devices, such as a keyboard, external drives, or another monitor – LG only sent us one monitor, so unfortunately we couldn’t test it ourselves.

If you work on two different laptops, you can connect them both and use the “Picture on Picture” mode. It’s great to have a Windows-based machine on one side and a Mac on the other.

To change the settings, LG added one of the usual rubber areas at the bottom of the screen. They’re easier to use than the traditional plastic side buttons on other monitors, but the actual settings are pretty simple and there’s not much to play with.

LG UltraWide Monitor Curved review: Verdict

The LG UltraWide might be too long for the average home worker, but if you have the space or can fit it in a real office, you won’t be disappointed. A large number of ports will please almost everyone, and if you do not mind the minimum brightness, the picture quality will be almost flawless. Although not recommended for color-focused work, the ultra-wide screen allows full extension of timing control, making it ideal for video editing.

It’s a curved display that’s ideal for improving productivity, allowing users to consistently see work progress regardless of the screen’s angle. While using it, we were able to open three full-sized windows next to each other, and we’ve never felt more productive. The only real argument against getting the LG UltraWide Curved display is the price, which is £1,250 plus VAT.

LG UltraWide Monitor Curved Overview Specifications

Screen size

39.7 inches

Screen resolution

5120 x 2160

Display technology

Nano IPS display with HDR10

Recovery speed

72 Hz

Video inputs

2x Thunderbolt 4 USB-C, 1 x 1.4 DisplayPort, 1 x 35mm audio jack, 2 x HDMI 2.0 and 2 x USB-A 3.2 Gen 1 ports


Height: 110mm, Swivel: -15~15˚, Tilt: -5~20˚

Size (WHD)

947.2 x 419.2 x 114.8 mm (without base)


12.3Kg (with ticket)

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