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LOYOLA GAMING (LG) Terra won the silver medal last December 11th at the AcadArena (AA) Alliance Games Split 2 after eliminating archrival De La Salle University Viridus Arcus (DLSU VA) 1-3. fourth final meeting between the two schools.

Both teams were familiar with each other’s style of play as both teams were regulars in the championship. Unsurprisingly, the first game at the Icebox started with a 6-6 halftime tie. It was back-to-back, and after the 20th round, the score was tied at 10-10. After winning three rounds in a row, LG Terra finally broke the tie and won series one 13-10. It was Matthew “Matteo” Brillantes who scored back-to-back triple kills in rounds 22 and 23. Brillantes was also the leading scorer of the match with a 29/16/5 KDA and a 341 battle average. .

After dropping the first game, DLSU started the second game with a 1-8 lead in Haven City. LG tried to hold their own as they closed the half with three unanswered runs to make the game a more manageable 4-8. The Blue and White continued their momentum in the second half, scoring in two consecutive periods to tie the game at 10 apiece. Ateneo almost took Game 2 with a flawless round of 25, 13-12. However, highlighting DLSU’s championship experience, they won three straight to tie the series at 1-1 in Game 2, 13-15.

After narrowly losing Game 2, Ateneo started to slow down on the Bind map, going 0-5 in five rounds to start Game 3. LG Terra was able to close the gap with a 4-8 defense. However, the momentum was in DLSU’s favor as VA won the second quarter 4-10 by two rounds. Ateneo tried to claw their way back into the game, but DLSU prevailed easily as they defended on the defensive map-Bind. LG was unable to penetrate VA’s solid defensive package during their offense and ultimately lost the game 9:13.

With their backs against the wall, Ateneo tried to settle Game 5, but their hopes were promptly dashed by a 4-0 drubbing by DLSU Ascent. LG Terra was unable to recover from this early loss and surrendered 6:13 in the fourth and final game.

“[LG Tera] The split was executed well, but I think we lacked confidence and communication in the finals,” Justin “Dippy” Ngkayon said of his performance. “We were nervous going into the finals again. [We were] In the end, we were hoping to beat DLSU, but we made careless mistakes here and there, so it didn’t go well for us, but I’m proud of what we did [in] This division,” he shared.

Similar to the Split 1 final last August, Ateneo took the first game of the two-way series. The ensuing games proved to be a bloodbath, with both teams battling tooth and nail, but in the end, DLSU emerged victorious in both series. With Michael Ken “Flex” Uy and Ngkayon graduating, the team will regroup and look for new members for the upcoming tournament.

“Some players will graduate, some may also go down. “With these changes, the team will have to start all over with new members, adapt to each other’s games and train together for the upcoming tournament,” added Ngkayon.

List of LG Terra:

Michael Ken “Flex” Uy

Matthew “Matteo” Brillantes

Anton “Moses” Rosales

Justin “Dippy” Ngkayon

Stuart “Stu” De Guia

John Michael “Omni” Amador

Jake “Jack” Uy


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