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(Pocket Sponge) – LG has been a major player in the smart home space for several years and has made some impressive technological advances in the world of white goods. The company, along with Samsung and others, has contributed significantly to making electronics much more attractive than ever before.

One of these contributions, the LG Styler, is a large device that uses steam technology to update more delicate clothes that cannot be washed conventionally, allowing you to wear them again without a trip. dry cleaner in between.

It’s a big, expensive, luxury purchase, but is it worth it? Here is our review.

Our quick pick up

The LG Styler is great, and it does exactly what it says – if you’re someone who doesn’t often spill things yourself, it refreshes items of clothing and reduces the need for dry cleaning and washing. The problem is that for all its features, it is still a very expensive and convenient tool.

Not only do you need spare cash to justify this, but you also need space in your home. For some people – for example, those who wear suits or dresses with fine materials – the LG Styler will be a great addition to the home, and can save a lot of money on dry cleaning.

For most people, the LG Styler is a luxury. A great purchase, but a luxurious, beautiful purchase. If you had one, you’d certainly use it, as we did during our review, but there’s no need for it, and its limited power and size means it’s only useful to a select few.

LG Styler Review: Nice but nice


  • Easy to use
  • Great results
  • Nice design
  • Multiple cycle options
The opposite

  • Very convenient
  • Expensive
  • Large and heavy, difficult to place


Premium design

  • 445 x 1850 x 585 mm
  • 83 kg
  • White or Black
  • Left or right opening door

The LG Styler is a nice-looking appliance for a home appliance, but it doesn’t go unnoticed. LG says you can place it anywhere in your home, but unless you’re comfortable with it in a hallway or in the middle of a room, you’ll need plenty of space and a little extra space. There are recommendations for a 50 mm clearance to the sides and back and 200 mm to the ceiling around flat surfaces – all this should be taken into account.

Pocket spongeLG Styler review: Nice but good picture 2

It’s tall and slim, measuring 445 x 1850 x 585mm, and our review model had a touch-sensitive control panel on the front of a sleek, premium gloss black door, but the unit comes with a white face if you prefer. The sides are white – no matter which model you choose – you’ll be showing at least one depending on where you place the Styler, which is worth keeping in mind.

There’s a built-in handle on the left side – but you can switch the hinge to the opposite side – which is again a smooth, even finish. Inside, there’s a mobile rack that shakes to remove wrinkles and odors at the top, a shelf at the bottom, water and drain pans, and a trouser press at the door. The interior is illuminated at the top and has a blue light at the back, so it looks great when opened. The LG Styler doubles as a dehumidifier, so if you want to leave the door open during drying, these lights will turn off after 90 seconds.

Pocket spongeLG Styler Review: Nice but good picture 33

The LG Styler is as beautiful as it gets for large appliances, weighing in at 83kg, and it’s also quite large. You’re talking about the size of a slim refrigerator, so you’ll want to keep this unit anywhere in your home. Moving it is not an easy task and you will need several people to climb the stairs.

It is ideal for those who have a utility room, cloakroom or wardrobe and are short on space, but of course it is a great product for most households.

Pocket spongeLG Styler Review: Nice but good picture 5

Our home has a utility room and walk-in closet, but the size of the LG Styler means it won’t fit alongside the washer and dryer, and the walk-in closet is upstairs. The LG Styler will be too complicated for the duration of our review.

That means we’ve got the LG Styler in our kitchen, which could have been worse, given its matching black gloss finish. It’s not as nice as the one in our living room. Therefore, we recommend that you seriously consider placing this device in your home before purchasing it, as this is not a product that can be easily hidden.

Easy installation

  • Plug required
  • No plumbing
  • Wi-Fi and the LG ThinQ app

Once you’ve decided which room or area to place the LG Styler in, all you have to do is make sure there’s an outlet nearby – no plumbing required, so you can place it anywhere. If you download the LG ThinQ app, you can connect to Wi-Fi, which allows you to download additional apps to run on the device.

To put the LG Styler into Wi-Fi mode, you need to press and hold the delay button until the Wi-Fi symbol flashes. Next, you’ll need to join a temporary LG Styler Wi-Fi network on your phone, which will connect it to your home Wi-Fi and allow you to control it remotely via the LG ThinQ app.

Pocket spongeLG Styler Review: Nice But Nice Picture 12

It’s easy enough to do, and the add-ons are nice, but you probably won’t need to start the LG Styler remotely like you would a washing machine.

Overall, installing and configuring the LG Styler is very simple. Plug it in, fill up the water tank on the bottom right, put your clothes on a rack or shelf, hit the power button, select an app, and you’re good to go.

LG Styler features and what it does

  • Restore delicate clothes
  • Removes up to 99.9% of allergens
  • Trouser pleats

The LG Styler has a number of features, all of which are very useful, but a lot depends on what the device costs and how much space you need in your home.

The energy revolution is here!  The SuperBase V is the first power plant with a semi-solid state battery

The idea behind the LG Styler is that you might want to re-wear clothes that are more difficult to clean with a traditional washer or tumble dryer. Silk or sequin dresses, leather jackets, suits, cashmere sweaters, wool or fur coats, and velvet tops are examples of where the LG Styler will thrive.

Pocket spongeLG Styler Review: Nice but good picture 9

Refresher is the key word, but for any stubborn stains, you need to wash your clothes first. LG’s TrueSteam technology will refresh your clothes, and if you use the scent filter on the back of the device, it will add scent to your clothes but won’t remove stains.

In addition to refreshing clothes, you can use the LG Styler to dry delicate items like underwear and sweaters, and it promises to kill up to 99.9 percent of allergens and bacteria, so it’s perfect for baby teddies, clothes, and baby blankets. Sanitation programs.

Pocket spongeLG Styler Review: Nice but good picture 24

In addition, you can use the trouser press in the door panel to reduce the wrinkles in the pants and restore the wrinkles in the pants. This is useful for people who wear suits often and want to give them a refresher rather than dry cleaning every week.

Decent performance

  • 20 minute recovery program
  • 2 hour sterilization program
  • 40dB

The LG Styler comes standard with two hangers with trouser clips and a separate, narrow trouser rack that can be used in the main compartment or in the door trouser wrinkle care panel. There is also a shelf that can be placed behind the Steeler to retrieve long clothes.

We’ve updated winter jackets, as well as leather jackets, dresses and skirts with the LG Styler. And we’ve only used it on shirts we’ve worn in the evening, shirts stuck in drawers that need sprucing up, and we’ve sterilized those tender laces that don’t leave our baby’s hands for more than 10 minutes. wash and allow time to dry.

Pocket spongeLG Styler Review: Nice but good picture 11

We also use the LG Styler to dry suits, silk dresses, full sequin dresses, as well as jeans and shirts after a main wash and tumble dry without shrinking. shake out the wrinkles.

In all cases, the LG Styler performed admirably. The length of the cycles depends on what you choose. For example, a “Normal” recovery cycle takes about 40 minutes, while a Heavy Sanitation cycle takes almost 2 hours. There are quick 20-minute steaming cycles, perfect for just before you head out, and the LG Styler’s overall noise level is significantly lower than a tumble dryer at just 40dB. It’s pretty quiet considering what’s going on inside.

Pocket spongeLG Styler Review: Nice But Nice Picture 17

You’ll hear a little jingle when the cycle completes, and if you’ve connected the LG ThinQ app, you’ll receive a notification on your phone.

You need to make sure that the rack is attached to the slot on the moving rail – everything that is not used on the rack should be stored. With only three slots and shelves, you can only fit four items at once. That means the Styler won’t be replacing your washer or dryer anytime soon, but think of it more as a dedicated wardrobe accessory than just your wardrobe.

Pocket spongeLG Styler Review: Nice but good picture 35

The touch control panel is very easy to use and very intuitive, so it’s simple to use the LG Styler, select apps, and download additional apps from the LG ThinQ app. Tap the cycle you want to use, for example, tap Recovery, then tap again to select Normal, Light, or Heavy. You just press the start button and then the cycle starts.

As mentioned earlier, the LG Styler does not stain clothes, so there is no need for dry cleaning – if there are marks on anything, they should be washed first before putting them in. You can use the LG Styler to dry items after cleaning, which will reduce wrinkles, but unfortunately won’t eliminate the need for ironing altogether.


In short

The LG Styler is a luxury purchase. A great purchase, but a luxurious, beautiful purchase. If you had one, you’d certainly use it, as we did during our review, but there’s no need for it, and its limited capabilities and size mean that only a few people will find it useful.

By Britta O’Boyle.


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