LG Sinha urges youth clubs and entrepreneurs to showcase a vibrant J&K during India’s presidency of the G-20. | Jobs Vox


Highlighting Dr. Sanya Khan of Doda, who is committed to women’s empowerment and gender equality, the Lt. Governor congratulated her for her focus on inclusiveness and hoped her work would inspire others to strive and achieve more.

Deputy Administrator Rankaj Sadotra hailed from Bishna, Jammu for creating a conducive environment for the youth club and creating a bridge between the administration and the community.

He said, “Involving young people in villages and cities through youth clubs will create a strong social system.”

Saima Shafi of Srinagar contributed immensely to the popularization of pottery. An artist always works from an internal source of inspiration. The governor said that we should highly appreciate and applaud the works of our artists, who are an integral part of our artistic and cultural heritage.

Emphasizing that Self Help Groups have become vital agents of change in the society, he said the success story of Pulwama’s Yasmina Jan, who became Tral’s first dry fruit with the help of Rural Livelihood Mission, makes us very proud. seller.

Noting that about five and a half million rural women take care of their families and contribute to agriculture, they are engaged in handicrafts, household and small production, and called upon all social classes to actively participate in this work. development of women’s power.


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