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SRINAGAR: J&K Hoteliers Club chairman Mushtaq Ahmad Chaya on Thursday termed the new land laws as “wonderful” and “unfortunate”, adding that the parties concerned would soon meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and LG Manoj Sinha to iron out the misunderstanding.

Well business magnate Chaya was quoted as saying by KNS news agency that the new guidelines on land leases are “surprising” and “very unfortunate”. He said that we are aware of the uncertain situation of last 30 years in Kashmir where tourism is the first casualty.

He said that public land is available in any state or UT of the country and local administrations are approached to give 20% bonus when land rent is collected from the tenant but unfortunately this mechanism is reversed in Jammu and Kashmir.

“We do not understand why the government has made such a strong argument. If they want to give land to local people, please give it to us as we have been owning land for years,” Chaya asked.

He said Gulmarg is famous for skiing and currently there are about 58 properties whose leases have expired. “Does the government want to shut down Gulmarg with these new disputes,” Chaya said.

“There is only one person in Gulmarg who is directly or indirectly related to tourism. If the new law is implemented, it will provide livelihood to these people,” he added.

Praising Lt Governor Manoj Sinha’s efforts to revive tourism in J&K, Chaya said, “The tourism industry in J&K has received a big boost since LG Sinha took office,” adding, “What the administration wants to achieve by relocating us.”

He said that we will soon meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and LG Manoj Sinha to discuss the issue to find an effective solution. “I think some misunderstandings need to be cleared up,” Chaya added. He also said that this issue should be dealt with in a reasonable way so that it can withstand the load.

“We are confident that Prime Minister Modi and LG Sinha will listen to us and resolve the issue of improving the tourism industry in J&K. We hope no injustice will befall us,” Chaya continued.

J&K Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha on Wednesday said the old land laws were “outdated” and the government’s reforms were necessary.

On December 13, the J&K administration announced that all tenants, except those with available/expired leases, would hand over their leased land to the government immediately, failing which the tenant would be evicted. .

According to the Jammu and Kashmir Land Grant Regulations-2022 notified by the Revenue Department, all tenants (except for residential use/expired leases) have to hand over the leased land to the government immediately. Otherwise, eviction of the outgoing tenant under the Public Accommodation Act (Eviction of Unauthorized Occupants) Act 1988.

However, the rules provide that the lessee shall pay for the improvements and constructions carried out at the rate assessed under sub-rule (xi) of Rule 13, unless the lessee is in default. terms of lease.


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