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PESHAWAR – Elected local government representatives of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa observed a black day on Monday (Dec 19), a year after the local government elections, protesting lack of funds and amendments to the local government act. the government. It may be pertinent to mention here that the KP government has amended the LG Act after the state election, which LG representatives termed as depriving them of funds and other rights. In the capital city of Peshawar, representatives of the LG staged a protest and condemned the austerity of the state government. He said that he could not serve the people of his ward because he did not have money or power. Discussing the situation, Capital Governor and Ulaanbaatar City Mayor Zubair Ali said that after the election of the National People’s Congress, the provincial government made amendments to the Act of the National People’s Congress, but declared that the changes made after the vote were illegal. “By making the amendment, the provincial administration has made the representatives of the OZ political victims. This amendment prevents devolution of power to grassroots organizations and citizens’ issues remain unresolved at the local level,” said the mayor. He said the province has thousands of elected representatives including mayors, mayors, women, farmers, minorities and general councilors. and the state government has been stripped of all powers and funds.Jamrud protest: On Monday, members of the local government observed December 19 as a black day to protest against the lack of funding.Tehsil Chairman Alhaj Nawab Afridi said , the local government elections were held a year ago, but the elected representatives have not received any funds or positions. “In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, pTI provincial government has failed. The provincial government’s non-disbursement of money to local communities has created hardship for the people,” Landi said. Demonstration in Kotal: On Monday, representatives of the local government observed December 19 as a black day. held a demonstration. A large number of village and neighborhood councilors as well as tehsil chief Landi Kotal marched at the administration building. They carried black flags and raised slogans against the government’s privileges. Tehsil Chairman Shah Khalid Shinwari said on the occasion that even though they were elected a year ago, they did not accept any fund or position to serve their constituents. Black day in Haripur: Headmen of various villages and neighborhood councils of the district in Haripur also observed black day. The heads of the village and neighborhood councils of the district and the members of the SSC sitting on special seats shouted in support of their demands and protested from the SSC to the deputy commissioner’s office. The protesters submitted their request in writing to Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Fawa, who forwarded it to the provincial administration. Speaking on the occasion, Tehsil Chairman Sami Ullah Khan said that a year has passed since the village, neighborhood and Tehsil Council elections, the PTI government has not released any funds or authorized representatives. He alleged that village councils are entitled to Rs 1.5 to 1.8 million per year, but only Rs 98,000 were given to village councils for the entire year, bringing the local government system to a standstill.

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