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Tuesday, December 20, 2022

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PT LG Electronics Indonesia (LG) organized a free laundry service for the victims of the recent earthquake in Sianjur. As part of the company’s LG Loves & Cares corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, the South Korea-based company set up a tent with a washing machine where disaster-affected residents could drop off their laundry and have it washed by LG staff.

LG is offering hygiene-oriented services for 10 days starting December 5. However, depending on the situation on the ground, the service may be extended from the original plan. “We are open to expanding and expanding the program as we continue to monitor the condition of the victims in the refugee tents,” said Chandae Son, president of LG’s customer service.

To create a free laundry service, LG brought six washing machines with a capacity of 14 kg. The tent was expected to serve more than 100 people each day without limiting the amount of laundry each person brought to the laundry.

“For earthquake survivors, living in tents makes it difficult to maintain hygiene and sanitation. So we hope so [laundry station] This will help ease their burden, especially in terms of hygiene maintenance,” said Lee Taejin, president of LG Electronics Indonesia, noting that while resource scarcity and other needs need to be addressed, cleanliness must remain a top priority.

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The laundry service was run under strict health protocols to minimize overcrowding. For example, they were allowed to come to the tent only during laundry and registration. “After the laundry is done, the staff helps carry it to the owners’ tent or tent [owners] Available at LG Laundry Tents,” said Jay Jang, director of marketing and communications for LG electronics Indonesia.

“By establishing health protocols, we hope to prevent major health complications,” he added.

Furthermore, LG is providing additional support to shelter residents in the form of televisions and freezers that can be used to store food ingredients.

LG is also organizing free repair of LG devices by professional technicians for local residents. This program has a broad scope targeting communities in the Cianjur area that were not directly affected by the disaster. Under this program, the company offers a half-price discount on services that require replacement parts. At the same time, any repairs that have not been done will be done completely free of charge.


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