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PESHAWAR: Local government representatives on Monday staged protests against the provincial administration for non-devolution of powers and assets in various parts of the province.

Peshawar Mayor Zubair Ali said in a statement that the government had failed to devolve powers to local governments a year after the elections.

Zubair Ali said that the local government elections will be held on December 19, 2021, and it is the second year of the local representatives in office. He said that the mayor, head of state, district council, village council, women, youth and minority representatives are not transferring funds and powers, and they are depriving them of the opportunity to serve their communities.

He said that these elected representatives are facing the wrath of the government and not the ruling party. He said that the government is punishing the people for not electing the candidates of the ruling party and creating obstacles in the distribution of power, adding that the public’s problem is not the problem of the head of the government.

He added that even though the mayors were directly elected, the government’s changes to the act proved unfair and political sacrifice. He added that if the leaders of the ruling party could not reverse the undemocratic changes in their elected representatives to solve the problem, they would not be able to get the votes of the people.

The mayor said that he had contacted the Prime Minister several times and asked him to respect the public’s opinion, but no action had been taken in this regard. He expressed confidence that the government will take measures to strengthen democratic values ​​and transfer power to local communities.

In Haripur, the heads of various village and block councils of the district observed a ‘black day’ on Monday.

Heads of village and block councils of the district led by Tehsil Chairman Samiullah Khan and Tehsil Council members on special seats took out a demonstration from the TMA premises.

The protesters raised slogans in support of their demands and reached outside the deputy commissioner’s office, raising slogans in support of their demands. The protesters submitted their charter of demands to Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Fawad, who forwarded it to the provincial government.

Speaking on the occasion, Tehsil Chairman Samiullah Khan said that PTI government has not given funds to the organization even after a year has passed since the election. He said that the village council was entitled to Rs 1.5 to 1.8 million per year, but only Rs 98,000 was given to the village council for the entire year, bringing the local government system to a near standstill.

Our reporter added from Jamrud: Representatives of the local administration protested against the lack of funds and celebrated December 19 as a black day. Speaking on the occasion, Tehsil Chairman Alhaj Saeed Nawab Afridi said that a year has passed since the local government elections, but the elected representatives have not received their money or positions.

“The PTI state government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is a failed government. “The provincial government is harassing the people who do not give money to the local government representatives,” he added. He said that those who raise slogans of justice have themselves stifled justice and made a mockery of the sovereignty of the state.

He said the state government is failing the local government system to hide its own failure. “People are disgusted with the local government system. Disbanding of PTI assemblies will be a blessing for the people. “This will happen and the people will get rid of the bankrupt government and party,” he said. He said that the struggle of LG representatives will continue until they get their rights.

In Landikothal, representatives of the local administration also staged a protest and observed December 19 as a black day. A large number of village and neighborhood councilors and Tehsil heads staged a protest at the Landikothal administration building. They marched around the area carrying black flags and chanting slogans against the state administration.


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