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Jammu: Lt Governor Manoj Sinha on Wednesday said that anyone found to be a part of the “terror ecosystem” will face legal action, adding that tracking such people is the primary duty of the police and security agencies.

“Anyone found to be part of the terrorist ecosystem will be dealt with and no one will be spared. It is the primary responsibility of the police and security agencies to track down such people,” LG said, adding that action would be taken against politicians if found to be “supporting terrorism or terrorism”. answered the question whether to take it.

The LG said that almost all the migrant Kashmiri Pandits have been posted in various district headquarters and may be the ones handling some of the issues.

“We have a nodal officer who handles the complaints of migrant KPs. All measures are being taken to resolve their issues,” said the LG, noting that they would sit at home and receive salaries and other benefits.

However, he said the migrant KP group had raised some concerns after a series of targeted killings of KPs. “The administration has taken prompt action and resolved the issues faced by the KP staff working under PMRP,” the LG said.

The LG was speaking at a press conference in Jammu, local news agency KNO reported.

Asked about threats from militants to open development centers in J&K, LG said that it receives calls from the J&K administration and the center about who will work, who will open offices and who will invest here.

“It will be decided by the J&K administration and the Government of India as to who will stay here,” the LG said.

Asked if the government would allow Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra to enter J&K in January, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said the government believes in democratic principles and does not prohibit or block any movement or protest organized under such principles.

“As per the Covid protocol, we will see and monitor what the Covid situation will be (in January),” he said, adding that only activities that go against India’s sovereignty will be banned and prohibited.

When asked by some media that the investment proposals were only on paper, LG said that it also received such news.

“But the fact remains that investments of Rs 100 crore, Rs 200 crore and even Rs 900 crore have been made. Some areas that are being resolved are facing infrastructure issues. I assure you that the investment of Rs 70,000 crore will materialize soon,” he said.

In the next five years, each city will be developed under the ‘My City My Pride’ programme, and Panchayat development programs will be launched with an ambition to develop Panchayats, the Govt said.

He also announced that his administration would take several measures to promote and promote Agriculture and allied sectors in J&K to boost the economy of UT.


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