Leverage technology expertise and vision for a more connected future, LG is leading the expansion of the smart home ecosystem

Seoul, South Korea, July 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LG Electronics (LG) has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Connectivity Standards Alliance (Alliance), the world’s leading organization dedicated to the development, advancement and promotion of universal open standards for the Internet of Things (IoT). .

As a global home appliance market leader and a supporting member of the Alliance’s Board of Directors, LG brings a wealth of expertise and experience in smart home and communications technology to the global organization. Newly Appointed Board Members Don Williams Head of LG’s Strategy Department and Dr. Kim sang General Department of Technology of LG.

LG plans to take a leading role in the expansion of the smart home ecosystem by actively participating in the development and standardization of Matter, the Alliance’s open source IoT protocol for connecting Smart Home devices.

“Through my role on the Alliance’s board, we are fully committed to building a more connected and comfortable future,” said Dr. Kim Byung-Hoon, CTO and Executive Vice President of LG Electronics. “By introducing and supporting Mater, our growing range of smart products, including TVs, home appliances, IoT devices and sensors, will be able to connect more securely and easily. We will continue to deliver innovative experiences to consumers and help drive the evolution of the smart home.” “

Matter, an Internet Protocol (IP)-based communication standard for smart home technology, helps create an open smart home environment where products from various vendors can share and communicate with each other, making compatibility a thing of the past.

LG aims to support Matter with smart platforms that enhance convenience, including the LG ThinQ smart home platform and apps, and the award-winning webOS™ smart TV platform. The introduction of Matter will not only benefit LG’s customers, but also strengthen the competitiveness of the company’s innovative home appliances and TV series.

“Like Alliance, LG is committed to developing and improving the world we live in,” said Dr. Sokwoo Ri, LG’s senior vice president of innovation and head of LG NOVA, LG’s North American innovation center. “For us, this means developing innovative products to create a better customer experience and improve how we deliver service and value in the home and beyond. We look forward to this partnership and all the opportunities that lie ahead.”

“LG brings great energy and market reach to the Alliance with its broad range of products, including engineering expertise and connectivity solutions, but what makes the Alliance even stronger with LG is its dedication to innovation,” he said. Tobin Richardson, president and CEO of the Communications Standards Association. “We’re excited to have LG join our Board of Directors to help drive even more innovation in the next thing in Matter and bring the value of the Internet of Things to consumers everywhere.”

The Alliance’s global membership of more than 500 companies works together to create open standards for the IoT and transform the way we live, work and play. With its members’ deep and diverse expertise, robust certification programs, and comprehensive portfolio of open IoT solutions, the Alliance is leading the movement toward a more responsive, imaginative, and useful world.

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