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MANILA, Philippines – In the past few years, the importance of cleanliness has never been more important. Keeping your home clean and tidy and following proper disinfection protocols are essential to keeping your household safe and disease-free. However, for Filipino homes, simple sweeping is not enough.

To meet this need, LG Philippines recently launched the latest version of the LG CordZero line. Cordless vacuum cleaners provide the perfect cleaning solution for Filipino households. The launch event simulated real rooms so visitors could see CordZero in action in a real-world scenario. Alyssa Alipio – Emerging Product Manager, Jerome Martinez – LG Product Trainer, and LG Brand Ambassador Daniel and Vanessa Matsunaga discussed and demonstrated the different features CordZero offers.

The LG CordZero improves upon the all-in-one cordless vacuum cleaners on the market. The CordZero A9 is the first stick vacuum with a tower that houses everything in one place instead of having various components scattered throughout. Recharging the vacuum back into the tower allows you to place the tool out of sight and automatically clean the dust container. Your hands are clean along with the floor.

CordZero makes cleaning easy. Clean more, clean longer and empty less with powerful suction. Compressor technology doubles the dust capacity compared to other vacuum cleaners. Hardwood floors benefit from CordZero. The Power Mop attachment cleans tile, hardwood or vinyl with regular tap water. No special solutions or harsh chemicals are required. Dual rotating microfiber pads get the job done while you control the moisture level from High to Low to Off (dry wipe). Includes 2 sets of washable pads and a portable water bottle for easy filling and emptying.

LG CEO Sungjae Kim expressed his excitement at the introduction of the new CordZero line, saying, “It’s an honor to introduce another LG innovation. Since then, one of LG’s goals has been to make everything easier and better… Our newest product, the CordZero All-in-One Tower, is doing just that.” Jun, Director of Home Appliances at LG Lee is confident that CordZero will be a hit in the region: “It builds on the strengths of today’s technology and improves where it is lacking. It is a real testament to LG’s commitment to technology, innovation and improving the lives of consumers.”

To learn more about LG CordZero, visit LG products are available at all leading home stores nationwide, you can visit ABENSON AND ANSON’S or visit for a complete list of our retail partners. You can also purchase from LG’s official flagship stores on Lazada and Shopee.



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