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The brand’s latest kitchen innovations give consumers an exceptional experience with time-saving efficiency and thoughtful design without compromise.

LG Electronics Debuting a spacious 27 cu. ft. Counter Depth Max refrigerator and dishwasher with smart top controls, one hour wash and dry. The company is proud to offer the largest walk-in refrigerator on the market, offering customers the opportunity to enhance their dishwashing solutions while providing sleek, modern design to their kitchens.

Industry’s largest counter depth cooler
Home cooks can store all their favorite foods with LG’s exclusive new Counter Depth Max refrigerator. Enjoy user-friendly features like LG InstaView This technology illuminates the inside of the refrigerator with just two taps on the clear glass, allowing you to see what’s inside the refrigerator without opening the door, reducing cold air loss.

Enjoy filtered water anytime with a built-in water and ice packer, along with a dual ice maker that offers standard cube and crushed ice. And the Slim SpacePlus® Ice System allows for maximum shelf space and door bins. Enjoy pure filtered water with an in-house water dispenser and built-in automatic ice maker. LG’s integrated cooling technology, including Linear Cooling™ that senses fluctuations and adjusts temperature to within 1°F, door cooling that circulates cool air throughout the fridge, and CoolGuard™ interior helps keep food fresher for twice as long. with wall panels to help maintain cooling. Thanks to its slightly shallower depth, this new refrigerator looks elegant standing alongside the countertop. With no visible dispensers or controls, elegant doors enhance the style of the kitchen with a minimalist design. The anti-depth cooler features LG’s PrintProof™ coating to resist fingerprints and smudges.

For more convenience through LG ThinQ® With this app, users can control the ice maker while at work, adjust the refrigerator temperature with voice commands, and receive notifications via any smart device when the water filter needs to be changed.

Industry leading 1 hour wash and dry
The LG Smart Top Control dishwasher’s one-hour wash-and-dry feature is essential for post-dinner cleanup. With the dynamic combination of LG’s QuadWash Pro and Dynamic Heat Dry The new dishwasher with advanced control technology provides a quick and sparkling clean in just one hour, making this new model one of the most efficient, time-saving and aesthetically pleasing dishwashers available.

LG’s TrueSteam® penetrates baked-on food and removes 60% of water stains, while QuadWash Pro technology uses an improved high-pressure jet for 38% more cleaning power.5 Power cleans from multiple angles while soaking dishes with micro-bubble water, every time for maximum cleaning to break down the heaviest dirt. Plus LG ThinQ® The app allows users to download new and improved cycles and easily start their dishwasher remotely, so your dishes will be ready when you need them, no matter where you are.

EasyRack Plus® This allows you to set more dishes, run fewer loads, and reduce post-dinner cleanup. With three height adjustments, the top shelf can be easily and evenly adjusted to place tall utensils on top or large plates underneath. The adjustable teeth offer greater flexibility in loading dishes of all shapes and sizes without compromising cleaning performance. Plus, the LED bath light automatically turns on when the dishwasher door is open, so you can check if your dishes are clean or dirty.

With ThinQ® Please note that users can receive alerts on refrigerator and dishwasher operation, maintenance, and early diagnosis to help prevent potential problems and keep appliances running at their best.

Counter Depth Max refrigerators and smart top-control dishwashers with one-hour wash and dry options are available at and will be available nationwide.

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