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The model houses LG Innotek's latest optical telephoto zoom camera module.  (LG Innotek)

The model houses LG Innotek’s latest optical telephoto zoom camera module. (LG Innotek)

LG Innotek announced Thursday that it will introduce its most advanced ultra-compact optical zoom camera module for smartphones at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas early next month.

The electronics parts supplier says it has developed an optical telephoto zoom camera module that allows telephoto cameras for mobile devices to zoom four to nine times without image degradation.

The new camera module is the world’s first to use the zoom lens mechanism of a mirrorless camera, allowing for clear images and video recording at a focal length of 85-125 millimeters without compromising image quality.

“Smartphone cameras will continue to evolve to use advanced optical zoom lenses,” LG Innotek CEO John Cheol-dong said in a press release.

For advanced technology, LG’s optical zoom camera won an Innovation Award at the CES 2023 Innovation Awards.

To develop the optical telephoto zoom camera module, LG Innotek said it independently developed the Zoom Actuator, a key component that moves the lens and decides image quality.

Precise movement of the lens is essential to capture high-resolution images, and LG explains that the zoom can control movement in micrometer units.

The company added that it allows users such as videographers to easily create high-quality images in any environment.

The company claims that the module is designed to be ultra-compact so the camera doesn’t stick too close to the mobile device.

It also uses a new method called Optical Image Stabilization to reduce the blurring effect caused by hand shake and increase the level of definition.

“As a leading company in camera modules for smartphones, we will introduce innovative products faster than others and offer customers a joyful and exciting user experience. We will continue to promote innovation in customer value,” said Zhong.

LG Innotek aims to strengthen its market leadership position with the latest optical zoom camera module. The company said it is currently working with Qualcomm to optimize the optical zoom software for Qualcomm’s Snap Dragon 8 Gen 2.

Written by Jo Hye-rim

Joe Herim ([email protected])


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