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In October 2021, Patently Apple published a report titled, “LG Innotek Reportedly Inked with Apple for Future Periscope Lens for iPhone.” LG Innotek, Apple’s largest optical partner, has reportedly started a project with Apple to install Innotek’s foldable camera in new Apple devices from 2022-2023. In a Korean court, LG Innotek challenged the folding Corephotonics camera and invalidated the patent. That opens the door for Apple to sign a contract to supply periscope zoom lenses through 2023.

In a new report this morning, we learned that LG Innotek has unveiled a new foldable magnifier. LG Innotek will officially introduce an ultra-compact optical zoom camera module at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

LG Innotek won an innovation award for its camera module, a small part that enables telephoto camera functionality in smartphones. The latest module is the world’s first to use the zoom lens mechanism of a mirrorless camera, allowing for sharper images and video recording with a focal length of 85 – 125 mm without compromising image quality.

For clear images regardless of shooting distance, LG has developed a zoom actuator, the main part that moves the lens to ensure clear image quality throughout the four to nine zoom range. In addition, its actuators are excellent in terms of accuracy, speed, durability, and consume less battery. As global consumer demand for optical zoom increases, LG Innotek plans to accelerate market penetration with different technologies and business capabilities, said CEO John Cheol-dong.

LG Innotek will work with Qualcomm for Android phones, but LG Innotek will likely remain Apple’s supplier for the iPhone 15’s optical zoom module, a feature sorely missing from the iPhone 14 Pro.

Opening times in Vegas will be January 5-8. All this confirms that Apple should have this feature ready for the iPhone 15 without further delay.

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