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What you need to know:

– Global innovator LG Electronics has announced its first joint solution with Amwell®, a leader in digital healthcare enablement, designed to push the boundaries of digital healthcare innovation and address workforce shortages, a major issue facing hospitals across the country.

– LG’s Carepoint™ TV set at HLTH 2022, powered by the Amwell Converge™ platform, uses LG medical TVs in patient rooms to enable providers to remotely monitor and discharge patients, thereby reducing the workload of healthcare professionals.

Existing LG Healthcare TVs will be used to improve the efficiency of bedside care and include advanced monitoring capabilities.

LG Electronics USA, Inc., headquartered in Englewood Cliffs, USA, is the North American subsidiary of LG Electronics, Inc., a $63 billion global technology and manufacturing innovator. In the US, LG sells a range of innovative home appliances, home entertainment products, commercial displays, air conditioning systems, energy solutions and automotive components. LG is a 2022 ENERGY STAR® Top Sustainability Partner. The company’s commitment to environmental sustainability and the marketing theme of “Life’s Wellbeing” encompass how LG strives for people’s happiness by exceeding expectations today and tomorrow.

Called the Carepoint TV Kit 200L, the new solution aims to expand the reach of physicians and care teams through virtual rounding, nursing, e-sitting, care coordination and isolation room monitoring. It allows for patient admissions, discharges, medical mediation, coordination of care with patients, family members, and other providers, and patient follow-up from one convenient location, increasing efficiency, reducing drive time, and increasing resources. , such as optimization. time and space.

Atul Singh, General Manager, Digital Health, LG Electronics, said, “We are ushering in the digital transformation of the medical healthcare system by creating an innovative platform that makes the quality of medical care more virtual, accessible and efficient.” “Our new TV solution helps hospitals ease the challenges they face every day, including better management of workforce shortages, greater flexibility for physicians and care teams, and easier access to patients.”

“We are facing an all-time high of health worker fatigue and financial strain caused by the pandemic. Technological innovations can improve patient engagement and ultimately enable better care for all, while reducing the burden on physicians and hospital teams,” said Susan Worthy, Chief Marketing Officer, Amwell. “We provide hospitals and their staff with the tools, We are excited to expand our partnership with LG as we work together to empower innovation.”

LG and Amwell first announced in March 2022 that they will work together to create new products and services that will impact society for generations to come, as part of LG’s strategic vision. LG Electronics is a US supplier of smart TVs for hospital patient rooms. Now, the global electronics giant is focusing on innovation and expanding its healthcare portfolio. As an exclusive partner, LG is investing in Amwell and its Converge platform to deliver on its commitment to innovation in healthcare.

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