Representing the LG SIGNATURE premium brand, LG presents outstanding performance at the LG Center for the Arts SEOUL

Seoul, South Korea, November 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LG Electronics (LG) brought together the worlds of art and technology with its ultra-premium brand, LG SIGNATURE, to sponsor two spectacular performances at the LG Arts Center. SEOUL in South Korea last week.

One of the most sought-after performances of the center’s inaugural festival, this series introduced the renowned artistic director-choreographer and actor Yoann Bourgeois to Korean audiences for the first time. This performance reflects LG’s long-standing commitment to the development of the arts since the launch of the LG Art Center. SEOUL.

LG Arts Center after 22 years of service SEOUL It reopened its doors in October in a building designed by a Japanese architectural artist. Tadao Ando. A testament to LG’s commitment to the arts, the relocated center boasts a spacious new concert hall, the LG SIGNATURE Hall. The spectacular space seats 1,335 and is home to special programs of art from around the world, including the Yoann Bourgeois series.

presented in South Korea Bourgeois, with a diverse background that included circus training, became a major figure on the world’s contemporary art scene for the first time. His spectacular performances celebrate the beauty of physical movement, blurring the lines between acrobatics and dance, revealing a truly unique creative vision. Bourgeois’ expertise and innovative approach to craftsmanship echoes the LG SIGNATURE brand philosophy, where home appliances combine the best of art and technology.

LG proudly sponsors and inspires on behalf of the LG SIGNATURE brand A rider The National Choreographic Center of Grenoble, under the direction of Bourgeois, performed with the deceased Frank Sinatra’s signature song, My sideaccompanying the energetic movements of the actors. Opening 2The short but captivating production introduced the audience to the grace, power and presence that Bourgeois effortlessly brings to the stage. As part of LG SIGNATURE’s extensive customer experience, select users and customers were invited to attend two games.

Visitors to the LG Arts Center during the Yoann Bourgeois series SEOUL LG SIGNATURE was given the opportunity to visit the special LG SIGNATURE exhibition and photo area located in the lobby of the hall. echoes the unique architectural design philosophy of Tadao Ando, LG SIGNATURE’s top innovations such as the LG SIGNATURE wine cellar, the InstaView in-door refrigerator and the OLED R TV were unveiled in the exhibition area. Meanwhile, in the hyper-interactive photography zone, Yoann Bourgeois immerses the audience in memorable moments from the series.

“It has been a great honor to introduce the artistic innovation of the inimitable Yoan Bourgeois to audiences in Korea,” he said. Lee Jong-seok, Head of LG Electronics Global Marketing Center. “We will stay true to our philosophy and continue to work with artists and organizations who share our vision for a better world through the power of art.”

Based on the philosophy of bringing art and technology together, LG SIGNATURE, an innovative brand, will continue to support artistic excellence worldwide. More information on the brand’s high-end art collaboration can be found here LG newsroom.


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