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LG VK Saxena has expressed his displeasure over the Delhi government’s delay in issuing an order on pollution control measures and has directed him to convey it to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, sources said on Thursday.

Sources in the LG’s office said the important order to reduce air pollution in the city, which was supposed to be issued by the chief secretary in October, is yet to be issued, citing “gross negligence” by Saxena.

“The Delhi government’s disruption is due to environment minister Gopal Rai not clearing the file related to such an order for about a month,” sources said.

On October 22, the Secretary-General sent the Raid file for approval in accordance with the November 2019 order of the Supreme Court and the August 5, 2022 order of the Air Quality Management Commission.

“On November 17, it was returned to the secretary-general without paying any attention to the minister. Later, the secretary-general sent the file to the National Bureau of Investigation and confirmed it,” the source said.

Approving the file, the LG expressed its “concern and displeasure” over the Delhi government’s “gross indifference” in the matter and asked it to be conveyed to the chief minister and the environment minister, sources said.

The “much delayed” order is now expected, they said.

By issuing an order, the Chief Secretary will organize measures such as demolition of buildings and structures, control of garbage and dust, spraying of water at polluted points, repair and closure of roads, and will strengthen the duties and responsibilities of the relevant officials. deals with operations of factories in non-compliant areas, ban on open burning of biomass and solid waste, enforcement of pollution control (PUC) certificates, among others.

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