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LG’s new solution elevates residential energy storage systems

ANAHEIM, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 20, 2022 / Global innovator LG Electronics has introduced the Home 8 Residential Energy Storage System (ESS), a next-generation, all-in-one solution that enables American homeowners to manage energy, provide backup power and reduce grid dependency. . The LG Home 8 ESS was unveiled this week at RE+ (formerly SPI) 2022, where LG Electronics USA is also showing off LG’s commercial ESS for the US market.

The LG Home 8 energy storage system integrates an advanced inverter and battery into a single floor-mounted, wall-mounted unit, providing an organized and easy installation. Its 7.5kW inverter/charger produces a total of 14.4kWh of usable power, and up to 4 units can be stacked, allowing for a combined output of up to 57.6kWh of usable power.

Home 8 is available for customers with a Time of Use plan without a solar PV system. Energy storage systems can be used off-grid and can be charged during the day when electricity prices are low. Home 8 is available at peak times when prices rise. To prepare for possible natural disasters or power outages, Home 8 can store energy in advance for later use. An LED display on the front of the system allows owners to check the calculated state of charge (SoC) of the battery, and encourages consideration of power consumption during power outages.

LG Home 8 is an integrated system that can integrate LG home appliances, home appliances and HVAC systems into a complete smart home environment while maintaining compatibility with non-LG products. Home 8 is controlled by LG’s ThinQ monitoring and control app, while homeowners can allocate how, where and when to use the unit to maximize efficiency, allowing homeowners to achieve pure grid independence and greater control over management. their home energy needs.

LG Home 8 gives homeowners:

  • All-in-one energy storage systems from the world leader in smart home technology.
  • Reliable on-demand power to help homeowners achieve energy independence,
  • LG ThinQ app system management option for true smart home and
  • Peace of mind backed by one of the most trusted names in electronics with a 5-year 59.8 MWh limited parts warranty. When paired with LG ThinQ, the limited warranty can extend up to 10 years.

LG Home 8 provides an installer for:

  • A new generation of all energy storage systems that consumers know and trust.
  • A simple modular assembly with components that are stackable, easy to commission, install and replace,
  • Total usable capacity and discharge capacity,
  • UL9540 certified products, too
  • LG’s EnerVu and ThinQ smart web monitoring can simplify account management and monitoring needs for your customers’ ESS needs.

LG ESS commercial solution

LG Electronics’ commercial energy storage system is a state-of-the-art, durable ESS solution. It brings businesses a complete solution equipped with ready-to-use technology from additional systems such as storage with ESS, control with PMS and HVAC. Like the Home 8, LG’s commercial ESS can be stacked with up to four units, helping businesses offset peak energy consumption, provide an energy backup solution, and manage fossil fuel use.

More information and specifications for the Home 8 are available on the product website at

About LG Electronics USA

The LG Electronics Energy Storage Systems business is a booming new division for LG, headquartered in Alpharetta, USA, leveraging the company’s renewable energy expertise to unlock value for consumers and usher in a new era of sustainability. LG Electronics USA Inc. is the North American division of LG Electronics Inc., a $63 billion technology and manufacturing innovator. In the United States, LG sells a wide range of innovative home appliances, home entertainment products, commercial displays, air conditioners, power systems and vehicle components. LG is a 9-time POWER STAR® Partner of the Year.


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