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LE Electronics Selected as East Asia Corporate Startup Star (LG Electronics)

LE Electronics Selected as East Asia Corporate Startup Star (LG Electronics)

LG Electronics was recognized as one of the most active corporations working with start-ups and was awarded the East Asia Cooperation Experience at the 7th Corporate Startup Starts Awards.

LG Electronics announced on Sunday that it has been awarded the East Asia Corporate Startup Star for its partnership with East Asian startups. The award is divided into seven regional awards: Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Middle East, East Asia and China.

The CSS Awards, jointly organized by the International Chamber of Commerce and Mind Bridge, recognize and recognize 100 companies that actively work with startups worldwide and demonstrate best practices in collaboration. The organization selects 50 companies as Corporate Startup Stars and 50 companies as Open Innovation Challenges.

In receiving the award, LG Electronics was deemed to have made efforts to increase cooperation with startups. In the second half of last year, the company said it launched the LG Future Home open innovation platform and the LG NOVA collaboration center in North America to explore more startups for collaboration and investment in South Korea and other countries.

LG Future Home was established to find business opportunities for LG in the global home goods market. The company said that investment experts are exploring the possibility of cooperation with startup companies not only in South Korea, but also in other countries such as Japan, China, Israel, the United States and Germany.

LG NOVA also hosted the Fall 2022 Innovation Festival in San Francisco in September, inviting startup founders, investors and influencers to discuss potential business opportunities.

On December 6, the CSS Awards ceremony was held in London.

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