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It seems that the LG elections in Islamabad a few days ago, PTI has already launched a standardized logo. According to the ECP, the LG polls were to be held on December 31 in Islamabad. However, the election seems to be in trouble as the government decided to increase the number of UCs 10 days before the polling day.

The decision is surprising and there is much speculation as to why it came at the last minute. Expressing its readiness on polling day, the PTI said the move was a result of PML-N’s insecurity and fear of defeat. This was said by a former PTI MNA who termed this latest development as an excuse for PML-N to buy time and field more candidates for vacant seats.

In any case, one must ask why the decision was made so late, as a new mandate would need to be established anew. It is a costly and time-consuming process that can take months and require delays. The ECP is yet to respond and there is a lot of talk about whether to postpone the elections, but a delay would disrupt the devolution process. There are also logistical issues, as most of the election planning and campaigning is over, and further delays will require more money and time. With the general election less than a year away, it is unclear where the MPP process will stand alongside all other political activities.

The capital election was already delayed, as the vote was supposed to be held within four months of the release. Whatever may have contributed to this situation, the importance of effective and efficient local government should be kept in mind. Decentralization of power through devolution to local governments is an essential requirement of true democracy. The Regional Council not only initiates local development and economic planning, but also serves as an important point for receiving citizens’ needs and complaints.


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