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LG Display is the first company to receive Perfect Black certification for its OLED panels.

UL Solutions, a global security science and product testing company, evaluated LG Display’s existing 42- to 97-inch OLED panels. Black levels were evaluated in a brightly lit environment of 500 lux to simulate a living room in daylight.

The results showed that the panels achieved a black level of 0.15 nits(Opens in a new window). The standard set for Perfect Black is 0.24 nits, which means it’s 40% less than what’s needed to achieve certification.

LG Display explains that this is possible, “Thanks to individually controllable self-emitting pixels, LG Display’s OLED panels turn off pixels to create perfect blacks and infinite contrast, reducing light loss and external light reflection.”

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Jin Min-kyu, Head of Life Display Promotion Department, said, “Through objective and science-based evaluation by UL Solutions, LG Display’s OLED has been proven to be the first panel to exhibit perfect black levels. We should expect to see LG Display add the Perfect Black certification mark to all of its OLED TVs 42 inches and larger in the near future.

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