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LG has proven that it can do just about anything in a smart home. His latest gadget sports a conventional 27-inch display with a vented design that is arguably the best-looking vent we’ve ever seen. The manufacturer’s ARTCOOL Gallery series isn’t necessarily brand new, but its latest iteration sets a new standard for the line.

The new model’s LCD screen can be customized using LG’s Adjacent app, which lets you choose and easily display your array of images. Plus, you can switch to this personalized slideshow with the device’s smart remote. In terms of operation, the new ARTCOOL gallery consumes 70% less energy than conventional air conditioners, making it an energy-efficient source of cooling and heating throughout the winter and summer.

Offering compatibility with the LG ThinQ app, you can operate the device’s energy-efficient cooling, heating, and 3-way indirect airflow at the touch of a button to effortlessly keep your home comfortable. In addition, thanks to LG’s newly introduced AI Dry function, the air conditioner automatically removes moisture inside. Finally, it operates at a noise level as low as 20 decibels, making it incredibly quiet and ideal for a good night’s sleep.

Further pricing and release details are yet to be revealed, but expect to learn more about the new device (and a few others) at CES starting January 5th.


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