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Smooth, matte, caressing-inviting, pebble-shaped, and a unique Bluetooth transmitter wireless charging case sets the LG Tone Free FP9 apart as the most aesthetically distinctive audio companion on the market. It turns out to be a real (no pun intended) reason beyond skin deep.

LG has been working with Meridian Audio for several years now, and the latest LG Tone Free FP9 is an excellent wireless headphone for consumers, with both expected (for the price range) and unexpected smart features.

The LG Tone Free FP9 has five different audio profiles, including Bass Boost and Treble Boost, and the remaining three are powered by Meridian Headphone Spatial Processing (HSP). The first two are self-explanatory, but the Tone FP9 is truly an HSP audio processing technology that doesn’t turn the audio output into some “fake” reverberant room. Our favorite mode is “3D Sound Stage”; Fans of acoustic performances will especially enjoy it.

Again, the Meridian x LG Tone FP9 replicates the concert hall/live experience with unexpected fidelity, avoiding sounding too bass-heavy (without being too heavy à la Beats) and sounding somehow fake.

After an average of six hours a day of road testing and an 11-hour flight to Hamburg, we can finally say that the Tone Free F9 are the most comfortable in-ear buds ever. Anyone who’s used headphones for that long knows that these things get “fun” for a week, washing LG’s unique UVnano earbuds in a bath of UV light.

Despite the pandemic, there is still an aversion to loud conversations on public transport. But LG Tone FP9’s whisper mode is perfect in noisy places or when you need to be careful. You’ll never have to speak above a whisper, and voice clarity is guaranteed even when speaking behind a face mask.

Bluetooth transmitters are a great feature found in luxury audio brands that allow you to listen wirelessly by connecting a 3.5mm cable to the switch on the side of the charging case and the line-out device ‒ perfect for recreating them. Guardians of the Galaxy The old Walkman generation that no longer uses the old 3.5mm headphones.

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, Voice Alerts is another unique feature you’ll love: the headphones can be set to read incoming app notifications. Despite high-intensity workouts and sprints to change direction quickly, the contoured design and soft ear tips stay snug in the ear canal without compromising comfort or feeling “bulky” – something that rival brands often find uncomfortable and straining in the canal. is wonderful. Pressing with a rubber tip will also shake at least during hard work.

Retails at S$230

(Photo: LG)


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