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Longtime supporters Lee Stockton, BSCE ’61, and his wife, Shirley Stockton, are significant contributors together for their estate gift commitment to the TJ Small College of Engineering. This gift will ensure that the College has the financial resources to provide opportunities for students, support the engineering faculty, and invest in new initiatives for the College.

Stockton’s contribution supports the Engineering Dean’s Discretionary Endowment, a fund that is already part of the university’s endowment. In addition to the gift of his estate, Stockton has made a commitment to support the Dean’s Innovation Fund annually. He was also an early investor in Ohio Northern’s Initiative for Engineering: Building Impact at ONU, which led to the construction of the James Lehr Kennedy Engineering Building, and was inducted as a life member of the Henry Solomon Lehr Society in 2016.

Lee Stockton explained, “We want to continue our commitment to Ohio Northern Engineering now that the building is complete.” “We continue to give now and assist the college with current needs and will expand that giving through our assets.”

“Lee and Shirley Stockton have been wonderful supporters of Ohio Northern University Engineering,” said John-David Yoder, dean of the College of Engineering. “With this latest commitment they create a deep, lasting legacy that will enable future deans to help the College for generations to come. I am deeply grateful for their generosity.”

Lee Stockton received his civil engineering degree from ONU and worked for 43 years for Price Brothers of Dayton, Ohio, which manufactures concrete products for bridges, pipelines, culverts, sanitary sewer, floor and roofing systems. He was active in the American Society of Civil Engineers and the American Society for Testing and Materials committees that dealt with the design and installation of concrete pipe. He retired as Senior Vice President of the Corporation in 2004. During his career, Stockton gained expertise in quality control, product design, research and development, product promotion, sales, field service, and international marketing.


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