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Indianapolis Colts vs. Minnesota Vikings

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On Saturday, the Vikings made history by overcoming the largest deficit in league history to win. Down 33–0 at the half, the Vikings eventually tied the game at 36, and won it in overtime.

Quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​didn’t know he was a history of engineering. He thought the Bills (quarterbacked by Colts coach Frank Reich who was fired that day) had erased a 35–0 deficit by defeating the Oilers in the 1992 playoffs.

“I knew it was 35-3,” Cousins ​​told Albert Breer of “I knew it was 35-3, but I assumed it was 35-0 before the 35-3.”

It was the second super-nutty game of the year for the Vikings, five weeks after the 33–30 overtime epic on the same field where the Oilers-Bills took place nearly 30 years earlier. Coupled with other wafer-thin margins for Minnesota this year, it contributes to the sense that they have something special going on.

“It just doesn’t happen to average people,” Cousins ​​told Breer. “And this team has been unusual and displayed an unusual level of chemistry, toughness with each other and I think it was on display today.”

When it happened in Week 10, it made a tentative sense that the Vikings were 2022’s team of destiny. And then, exactly one week later, they were blown out at home by the Cowboys, 40–3. It was the Vikings’ biggest defeat in Minnesota since John F. Kennedy became president.

This time, the victory gave a division title that seemed a bit tenuous. But barring an epic, late-season collapse by the Eagles, the Vikings still best face a No. 2 seed. And, with the 49ers winning seven in a row, the No. 2 seed is far from guaranteed, meaning the divisional round could include another trip to Santa Clara, where the Vikings got blasted by the 49ers team in 2019. Which actually could be even better.

So, to the extent that the Vikings proved they still have the horseshoes to beat Indy after trailing 33-0, they’re going to need a lot of luck to keep this thing past the wild-card round. Will be ,

Maybe, the day after tomorrow, they have the firm belief that they can make their own luck, whenever and wherever they need it.


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