Kim Kardashian Drops SKIMS ‘Swimming Gloves’ That Sell Out Quickly; Confused Netizens Ask ‘Why’

There are some pieces of clothing that don’t make any sense and people don’t understand their need and necessity. Kim Kardashian’s shapewear and apparel brand SKIMS has come up with an accessory that is confusing people; Twitter is having a field day.

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The accessory in question is a pair of gloves. These are not your typical wear-a-cold gloves and they are not part of a fashionable outfit. They are being marketed as something you would wear to a… pool!

Called ‘swimming gloves’, reports suggest that the $48 (INR 3,768) elbow-length gloves have sold out soon after their recent release, leaving many confused netizens scratching their heads.

The question they ask is, who is buying them and why are they doing it? What purpose do these gloves serve? For ages now, people have been swimming in swimsuits (or even going skinny-dipping if they’re feeling particularly brave). But, no one has ever seen a pair of gloves for taking a splash in the water!

Last week, Kardashian’s shapewear brand released its latest swimwear line — available in many shades of neon and neutral colors. It included the controversial new accessory that was available in a variety of colors and sizes, modeled by Filipino-American singer and social media personality, Bella Porch.

According to an Independent report, the website description reads, “Instantly upgrade your swim look and make a sexy splash wherever you go with these trendsetting swim gloves. Perfect to pair with any swim style for a ready-to-wear look.”

On Instagram, Porach was photographed in a neon pink “tank bikini top, mid-waist bottoms and swim gloves.” The gloves – made of a “stretch swim fabric” – ended just above the elbow.

Can someone explain to me what swimming gloves are and why 😂

— TheyCallHerT (@Ms_Persia) July 28, 2022

But, people are confused. One person wrote on Twitter, “Can someone explain to me what swim gloves are and why?”

I can think of zero women who want tan lines on pale arms and elbows 😂🤣😂

— Ben Newton (@BNewtonUK) August 2, 2022

Another said, “I can think of zero women who want pale arms and tan lines above the elbows.”

Check out these other responses:

Kim K isn’t giving up the swim gloves

— Kristen (@gothikogurl) July 25, 2022

I need to know who bought skim swim gloves and why?

— Tori (@VictoriaColor) July 28, 2022

Kim K’s new swim gloves, brought to you by the worst tan line in your life

— 🎟 (@wiIdbuffet) July 30, 2022

I’m trying to figure out why you need gloves to swim…everyone eats whatever Kim makes.🤣 Sis making her coin.

— Kaybee (@keniahbs) July 30, 2022

@KimKardashian don’t convince me I need swim gloves @skims I need this right 🥹

— Rivet Soro (@Rivet_Soro) July 27, 2022

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