KFin Technologies: KFin MF is suitable for riding the wave, but for high risk investors. | Jobs Vox


Based on annualized net profit for the six months ending September, the company requires a price-earnings (P/E) multiple of about 36.


It also serves customers in Malaysia, the Philippines and Hong Kong. The domestic MF segment contributed 70.6% to the revenue in FY22. Global and other investor solutions contributed 7.6% and issuer solutions contributed 11.6% of revenue, with the remainder from international business services.

ET Intelligence Group: KFin Technologies (renamed from Karvy Fintech in 2019), a technology-enabled services provider to asset management companies (AMCs) including mutual funds (MFS) and wealth managers, plans to raise ₹1,500 crore through an IPO. Promoter General Atlantic Singapore Fund. After the IPO, the promoter group’s stake will reduce from 74% to around 50%. The company is expected to benefit as many investors

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