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Woburn, MA – December 21, 2022 – The most desired skill IT security professionals wanted to pursue in 2022 is the ability to reverse engineer malware, according to results shown by the latest data from participants who passed Kaspersky expert training courses.

The number of new cyber security programs is growing rapidly, but the demand for cyber professionals is rapidly outpacing the supply of skilled workers, as companies are now more focused on their cyber security than ever before, reports Burning Glass. Pays more attention to.

Kaspersky launches Expert Training, a series of courses for people who want to upgrade their IT security skills and take them to the next level by learning how to identify threats faster and with less effort .

Data from these training sessions showed that over 45% of learners were interested in improving their reverse engineering skills, demonstrated by beginners and advanced experts looking to enhance their knowledge. There was also a high demand for Yara Rule training, with approximately 28% of students enrolled. Additionally, 27% of learners signed up for courses related to incident response, malware analysis, and product security assessment.

The Kaspersky Expert Training portfolio includes eight different programs aimed at InfoSec professionals who want to improve their skills, and key managers who want to invest in their SOC and incident response teams. In 2022, more than 2,000 people worldwide will enroll in Kaspersky’s courses, gaining solid knowledge and practical field experience. In total, more than 22,000 hours of hands-on training were spent in the virtual skills labs.

“With the threat landscape constantly evolving, it is critical for IT security experts to keep their skills up-to-date,” said Viktor Chebyshev, Principal Security Researcher, Kaspersky. “Our expert course writers understand how to best tackle the threats posed by the malware samples we encounter every day, and they share that knowledge with those looking to navigate today’s cyber-reality. grappling with the emerging threats of We do our best to produce qualified experts with high-level expertise and help companies meet their demand for professionals with the required credentials.”

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