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Julian Edelman wasn’t happy to see the Patriots fall apart at the last second against the Raiders. Now, the former New England Patriots wide receiver has some advice for current Pats quarterback Mack Jones on how to handle the final game.

Jacoby Meyers threw a pass downfield that was intercepted by Las Vegas Raiders linebacker Chandler Jones and returned for a touchdown. Las Vegas won 40-34. In the process, Chandler hit Mack hard and ran over him to reach the end zone.

Julian Edelman talked about how to approach the Patriots QB game on this week’s Inside NFL. He said Jones had to stop the touchdown by any means necessary.

“The season is on its way,” Edelman said. “You have to lose it.”

Had McKee fouled Jones, the Raiders would have been penalized 10 yards. Instead of going to overtime, Las Vegas attempted a 52-yard field goal. Raiders kicker Daniel Carlson has hit nine of 11 attempts of 50+ yards this season.

There’s also a chance the Raiders could still be awarded a touchdown, as noted by Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. Florio said that if Mack had intentionally hit Chandler, the umpires could have determined that it was a “grossly unfair action.” If deemed grossly unfair, the Raiders will automatically be awarded a touchdown.

In any case, Edelman’s idea would be better than what actually happened to Jones. Maybe the Raiders missed a field goal. Even if the play is seen as “infuriatingly unfair”, no one can hate on Mac for trying to stop the game from being a profitable game.

The Patriots may not have been thinking about that final play. But Edelman certainly had some ideas.

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