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LAS VEGAS — Julian Edelman is still keeping tabs on what’s going on with his old team, but he admitted Saturday that things are broken in Foxboro.

“It doesn’t look right,” he told 98.5 Sports Hub. “It’s really — shocking the situation they’ve got there. A lot of screens. A lot of draws. It tells me they don’t trust their offensive line … (and it tells me) they don’t trust their receivers. Get them open and that’s what they want do to pick up yards and score points.”

Would Edelman return to the NFL under the right circumstances?

That assessment echoes some of the comments Cardinals defensive coordinator Vance Joseph made before Monday night’s win over the Patriots in Arizona. At the time, Joseph said the Patriots relied heavily on screens and looked like they were trying to prevent turnovers. “The defensive guy” appeared to be running the offense, Joseph said.

Edelman also seemed confused about the direction of the offense under the current makeup of the offensive coaching staff, with his longtime coordinator Josh McDaniels as the Raiders’ head coach. That had an impact on second-year quarterback Mack Jones, Edelman acknowledged.

“I don’t think it’s his fault at all that he’s regressed,” Edelman said of Jones, “but yeah, he’s regressed. … You bring in Matt Patricia and Joe Judge, they’re learning the same way he is, and it’s tough.”

Edelman added, “I don’t know what Bill [Belichick] he thought (as he drew up his offensive staff). Keeps the cards close… My guess is they didn’t want to go and hire someone from the outside (who would be gone after a year). Bill doesn’t like it. It’s a matter of trust, perhaps… Josh [McDaniels] leaving and they didn’t really have a plan for the future. I do not know.”


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