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Longtime Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman feels like every other New England fan confused about the team’s offense.

“It doesn’t look right,” Edelman told 98.5 Sports Hub over the weekend, as transcribed by Phil Perry of NBC Sports Boston. “It’s really – it’s shocking the situation they’ve got there. Lotta screens. Lotta is painting. Tells me they don’t trust their offensive line … They don’t trust their receivers to get open and that’s what they have to do to get yards and score points.”

Edelman’s criticism is the same as many others before him.

NFL analysts and reporters initially questioned why head coach Bill Belichick would put Matt Patricia and Joe Judge in charge of the Patriots’ offense, given that the former was the defensive coordinator and the latter the special teams coach. And Belichick sticking with the two rather than making “dramatic” changes perpetuates the same concerns. The Patriots offense is last in red zone efficiency and third worst in passing.

Edelman didn’t notice any regression in second-year Patriots quarterback Mack Jones, either.

“I don’t think it’s his fault at all that he’s regressed, but yeah, he’s regressed,” Edelman said of Jones. “You bring in Matt Patricia and Joe Judge, they’re learning the same way he is, and it’s tough.

“I don’t know what Bill (Belichick) was thinking,” Edelman added. “He’s keeping his cards … My guess is they didn’t want to go and hire someone from the outside (who would leave after a year). Bill doesn’t like it. It’s a trust thing, maybe… Josh (McDaniels) is leaving and they didn’t really have a plan going forward. I do not know.”


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