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New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders

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Patriots coach Bill Belichick hasn’t had much public criticism to offer for the play of a strange Stanford group that short-circuited in overtime against the Raiders, perhaps because he realizes it’s his own damn fault for not commanding the offense, overturning the tie, and taking it. In a 24-24 tie, three seconds left and 55 yards to go. Still, others connected to the franchise offer critical remarks, constructive or otherwise.

Former Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman had an interesting suggestion this week Inside the NFL.

“The season is done,” Edelman said, via NESN.com, referring to quarterback Mack Jones. “You have to lose it.”

Putting aside the question of whether Mack Jones could have done anything for Chandler Jones other than put a stiff arm on the field, an effective trip would have prevented Chandler Jones from scoring. However, it would not lead to overtime.

If executed correctly, Mack Jones would be called for the exit. The penalty would have been 10 yards from the box. After the trip would have occurred at the New England 44, the Raiders would have had an unbelievable fall from the Patriots’ 34.

That’s a 52-yard field goal. Kicker Daniel Carlson, who has made nine of 11 field goals of 50 or more yards this season, would have the Raiders win.

There’s also a chance, however slim, that the officials will deem Mack Jones’ game-saving foul trip a “significantly unfair action,” giving the Raiders the hit and the win.

Law 12, Section 3, Article 4 states: “A player or substitute shall not interfere with the game by any act which is manifestly unfair.” Rule 11, Section 2, Article 1(e) authorizes the referee to award a shot “to a team denied by a manifestly unfair action.”

Would the officials do it? Nobody knows because it didn’t happen. The thing is, Edelman’s advice would have resulted in at least a field goal attempt. At most, the Raiders would still have a touch if a rough trip meant to save the day was deemed patently unfair.

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