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Julian Edelman tired of seeing Mc Jones“Emotions. The Patriots The legend berated Jones during the appearance “Inside the NFL“at Paramount+ while criticizing the quarterback for his participation New England A dramatic loss Raiders on Sunday

“The season is on the way”. When two Patriots turnovers resulted from Jones’ attempt on the final play, Edelman observed, “You’ve got to beat him.

With a stiff arm to the quarterback’s face, the Raiders defensive end Chandler Jones That receiver intercepted the ball Jacoby Meyers He foolishly tried to throw it back into gear in Jones’ direction.

Trying to make a key shot, Jones was hopeless and fell to the ground. The Raiders won the game 30-24And at that time he was sitting on the field.

Edelman estimated Mc Jones On-field behavior between fellow countrymen after games “Inside the NFL“Panelist Brandon Marshall He claimed that the quarterback never practices hitting.

“You know what, he also doesn’t practice gimmicks after games and he doesn’t take the coaches and those little goofy faces and stuff. It’s like he doesn’t practice and do it,” Edelman said. “Why can’t you handle it? It’s bad.”

Edelman is not happy with Jones

during the game Allegiant Stadium Las Vegas, Edelman, three times Super Bowl The champion reacted angrily to the defeat.

the former Patriots The receptionist, who was watching the shocking collapse of the VIP suite, used the F-word.

“what are we doing?” Edelman shouted in a clip shared on Twitter. “What are we doing?”

After seeing his previous club blow a chance to force OT with the score tied 24-24 iIn the last three seconds of the game, it was a fitting response. At 7-7, the loss put the Patriots’ playoff chances in jeopardy.

Most are guilty New England Offensive woes fell to Jones. The Patriots However, they haven’t changed their minds about their quarterback.


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