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The post Edelman criticizes Mack Jones for snaps, sideline play attempt originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston.

Vince Wilfork isn’t the only former New England Patriots player who didn’t like watching Mack Jones perform on the field in recent weeks.

The Patriots’ starting quarterback isn’t shy about expressing his frustration with his words β€” like yelling at the offense in a Week 13 loss to the Buffalo Bills β€” or throwing up his hands.

The latest episode of “Inside NFL” aired Wednesday night and the crew is made up of several former players, including former Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman.

The conversation surrounding the terrible sideline play that cost the Patriots their Week 15 game against the Las Vegas Raiders has been intense.

Edelman shares his perspective on Mack Jones and the New England offense

Ray Lewis and Edelman wanted Jones to do a better job trying to tackle Raiders linebacker Chandler Jones, who steamrolled the Patriots QB and ran into the end zone for the game-winning score.

Edelman said of Jones, “You’ve got to lose him.”

Fellow panelist Brandon Marshall pointed out that Jones doesn’t use to fight people. Edelman didn’t want any of that argument and then went on to further criticize Jones.

“He doesn’t practice all the tricks after the game, he doesn’t take the coaches and all those little sly faces and stuff,” Edelman said. β€œHe doesn’t practice it and he does it. Why can’t he perform?

Wilfork said on NBC Sports Boston’s “The Gameplan” Wednesday night that he was “tired” of Jones’ antics.

“I’m tired of it, honestly. I’m tired of it,” Wilfork said. “You’re the leader of this team. You’re the quarterback. So you can’t be frustrated every week, every game. I don’t care if you’re calling a play late or whatever. At the end of the day, you’ve got to have some composure because you’re on board. You’re in charge. You’re the master of the ship when you’re out there. … Control what you can control. That’s what you can do. But I’m tired of watching him convulse.


Jones and the Patriots face an important Week 16 game against the defending AFC champion Cincinnati Bengals on Saturday afternoon at Gillette Stadium. A loss wouldn’t mathematically eliminate the Patriots from playoff contention, but it would make their path to the postseason extremely narrow.


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