J&K’s progress in the last 3 years has given people new hope and confidence: LG | Jobs Vox


“Rapid growth, improved socio-economic indicators, unprecedented progress in all priority sectors, high tourist inflows and industrial investment are witnesses to J&K’s peace and prosperity,” the LG said.

He highlighted the reforms being implemented by the government to empower every section of the society, empowering all citizens, especially the youth, as agents of change and empowering the aspiring society with equal opportunities.

“Youth are writing the bright future of J&K. The administration has taken many measures to accelerate economic development and create supportive schemes and policies to fulfill the aspirations of the young population,” the LG said. “We have eliminated the difficulties in implementing people-friendly governance and establishing new businesses and factories. It is our responsibility to provide equal opportunities to everyone.”

He said Article 370 was the root cause of separatism, terrorism, nepotism, discrimination and corruption and left J&K underdeveloped.


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