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who has read by Jeff Tweedy memory let’s go (so we can come back) It is understood that he is a student and a music lover. In the pages of his book, Tweedy explores how the records his parents listened to and his personal curiosity about art shaped his first record collection and how that collection has influenced the music he still makes today. Another clear indication that the Wilco frontman is pure music is the number of covers he’s done.

Even at his last solo show on December 2nd in Three Oaks, Michigan, Tweedy kicked things off with a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You” before covering Fleetwood Mac’s “Little Lies.” In honor of the recently deceased Christine McVie. Whether it’s live solo or with Wilco, or a clip from an episode of The Tweedy Show, a live Instagram show where he’s performed, videos of Tweedy playing songs by other artists have been circulating all over the internet for Wilco/Jeff Tweedy fans to meet. .

While the sheer number of these cover videos can be intimidating, Skating Find some of the best covers Jeff Tweedy has ever done. Check out our picks below:

Kokomo, In” – Japanese breakfast July 1, 2021

This song comes from the 2021 album Japanese Breakfast Anniversary. Tweedy performed the song in episode 189 The Tweedy Show. When the band’s lead singer Michelle Zauner heard Tweedy play her song, she said, “Words cannot express how mind-blowing it is to discover this video of Jeff Tweedy covering Kokomo, IN. Wilco has been a huge influence on my music for so many years. Arrangement of Jesus, etc. There was an elegant perfection that we strived for during the recording Kokomo. The narrative arc of Posing for Cars and my need to solo for three minutes was directly inspired by At Least That’s What You Said. I freaking went off the aisle to She’s A Jar. I just can’t wait and had to share. damn.”

“little lie” Fleetwood Mac – December 2, 2022

Following the sad news of Fleetwood Mac songwriter Christine McVie’s death, musicians of all genres have paid tribute to one of the most famous songwriters of all time. Tweedy, for his part, paid tribute to the aforementioned solo show he performed in early December. Tweedy performed “Little Lies,” a perfectly written song by McVie for Fleetwood Mac’s. Tango at night album.

God” – John Lennon October 9, 2020

For John Lennon’s 80th birthday, Tweedy brought his son Spencer and Liam Cazar to perform Lennon’s “God.” The song is taken from Lennon’s 1970 album John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band. With Spencer on drums and Kazar on bass, Tweedy belted out the song’s earnestness.

Old country waltz” – Neil Young October 19, 2021

Jeff Tweed “Old Country Waltz” (Neil Young cover)

This cover was uploaded to Wilco’s Youtube page a few weeks before Tweed was set to play a few dates to promote his album. love is king. The band on the cover is the same band he took with him on dates in Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The video was recorded at Chicago’s The Hideout, a small venue in the city where Tweed has played both solo shows and concerts with Wilco over the years.

“Death or Glory” – Clash August 21, 2020

This cover is taken A song for Joe, a benefit live stream for the late Joe Strummer that featured legends like Bob Weir and Bruce Springsteen covering tracks from Strummer’s songbook. Tweedy appeared on “Death or Glory”, a folk version taken from The Clash’s seminal album. Calling London.

Please don’t bury me” – John Prine April 7, 2020

Jeff Tweed – Please Don’t Bury Me (John Prine)

When legendary singer/songwriter John Prine passed away in 2020, fans of the icon and music fans in general were deeply saddened. You can hear Tweedy start to get choked up in parts of Prine’s 1973 cover of “Please Don’t Bury Me,” which Tweedy recorded. The Tweedy Show. Tweedy performed the song the same day Prine died, making it a dark but fitting tribute to the country legend.

For you (I’d do anything)” – Rocky EricksonJune 30, 2021

In 2021, Light In The Attic Records teamed up with the Rocky Erickson estate to release May the circle remain continuous. The compilation album features a collection of artists covering songs from Erickson’s discography, Tweed being one of them. Bill Bentley, who produced the tribute album, also served as publicist for both of Tweedy’s bands, Wilco and Uncle Tupelo, and contacted Tweedy for his minimalist, tender cover of “For You (I’d Do Anything)”.

Cut your hair” – Pavement April 25, 2020

(cover starts at 34 minutes). On this episode of The Tweedy Show, the family came together to cover Pavement’s hit “Cut Your Hair.” This episode also featured a family cover of Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You”.

A simple twist of fate” – Bob Dylan October 30, 2007

It wasn’t until the early 2000s that Tweed reached Bob Dylan’s 1975 cover. Blood on the tracks The song “Simple twist of fate”. Tweedy recorded this cover for the soundtrack to the film I’m Not There, an abstract biopic featuring multiple actors playing Bob Dylan at different stages of his life.

I’m just sleeping” – The Beatles February, 2014

Tweedy is no stranger to Beatles covers and his 2014 rendition revolver “I’m Only Sleeping” is one of his strongest. Traffic case 032 album, traffic case is a series of live albums released through Wilco’s own dBpm Records. These Beatles covers are joined by covers of Nick Drake’s Pink Moon and live versions of Tweedy originals.

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