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New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders

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The moment Jacoby Meyers decided to throw the ball back to quarterback Mack Jones on the final play of regulation is the moment the Patriots receiver’s name joined the famous list in NFL history.

Raiders edge rusher Chandler Jones caught the run and raced 48 yards to the end zone, hitting Mack Jones hard on the way to the ground. Chandler Jones’ touchdown came on the final play to give the Raiders an unbelievable 30-24 win.

“I’m just trying to do too much. Trying to be a hero, I guess,” Myers said, via’s Mark Daniels. “I don’t see a dude out there trying to throw the ball. I was just doing too much. I should have gone with the ball.”

Myers joined Jim Marshall, Joe Pisarcik, Dwayne Rudd, Leon Lett, Tony Romo and DJ Moore, among others, in a costly upset that will be forever remembered.

The Patriots had three seconds left in overtime when running back Ramondre Stevenson ran 23 yards before hitting Myers. Myers ran back before trying to throw it back to Mack Jones.

Meyers said the plan was to “just run the ball, get a touchdown and go to overtime,” but Meyers “took the ball and tried to make a play.”

Meyers tearfully answered questions about the play. He has repeatedly taken responsibility for the Patriots’ inexplicable loss.

“Ramond is not even mentioned. As soon as he gives it to me, I’m smart enough to know that the score was tied and take it down,” Meyers said. “Whether he gave me the ball or not, he gave it to me because he trusts me. I just have to be smarter about it.”

Myers vowed to learn from his mistakes and “do better next time.”


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